Weight Loss (Massive) & Tummy Tuck

*Treatment results may vary

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This 33 year old patient had tipped the scale at 340 pounds at her heaviest. The excess weight was taking a serious toll, limiting her ability to work, causing her to be socially withdrawn, and ultimately sending her into a depression. She lost well over 100 pounds over a couple of years, first with diet and then introducing exercise. She discovered she enjoyed working out on the treadmill and doing kick boxing, but after her weight loss the tremendous amount of loose sagging skin left behind made working out very uncomfortable. She knew she was so unhappy with her body in that condition, that the only solution was surgery. During a 6 hour procedure, Dr. Weinberg performed a major tummy tuck, removing a huge piece of skin and fat from the abdomine , and bilateral arm lifts. For the next several days the patient recuperated at home, reporting some menstrual type abdominal cramps on movement. At day 10 she was able to have the drains removed, and by 2 months she was almost completely recovered. At that time she had returned to most exercises , though she wasn’t yet comfortable jogging.