Permanent Makeup Videos

Microblading Procedure and Potential Results

Dr. J. Phillip Garcia shares a video of Linda, a microblading Specialist, explaining what microblading is and what you can expect with the procedure and the results. VIEW NOW

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Rejuvenation and Protective Treatments for Chemotherapy Patients

Dr. Emese Kalnoki's certified oncology aesthetician, Bobbilyn, explains the importance of oncology esthetics in its protection of one's skin before, during, and after chemotherapy. VIEW NOW

Get Natural Looking Eyebrows With Permanent Makeup — See 10 Seconds of the Microblading Technique

Dr. Vaishali B.Doolabh shares how special strokes of microblading create the look of natural hair within eyebrows, with all the same benefits of classic permanent makeup. VIEW NOW

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See 8 Seconds of Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows

Dr. Vaishali B. Doolabh shares the latest natural look from permanent makeup that creates the appearance of hair with microblading strokes VIEW NOW

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Why Women Wear Makeup — The Doctor Shares This Scientific Study

Dr. Adam Scheiner explains the deeper meanings behind the reasons why women wear makeup. VIEW NOW


See This 53-Year-Old Woman Get an Eyebrow Transplant

Watch as Dr. Shelly Friedman performs an eyebrow transplant over pre-existing tattoos. VIEW NOW


27-Year-Old Woman Gets an Eyebrow Transplant — See the Procedure in 4 Minutes

This 27-year-old woman wasn't happy with her sparse eyebrow hair. See how Dr. Shelly Friedman addressed the issue with an eyebrow FUT over pre-existing permanent makeup. VIEW NOW