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The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," claims to treat sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vagina to aid in achieving orgasm. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient's blood and injected into an area near the clitoris and inside the vagina. The goal is to stimulate the growth of new cells and make the injected areas more sensitive. The effects last about one year. Though PRP extraction has been approved by the FDA for some uses, the FDA has not yet evaluated PRP use in the vagina. The O-Shot uses a similar procedure as the Vampire Facial.

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O-shot... OMG, Working So Far, Can't Wait for the Long Term Results!

I received the O-shot after my third ThermiVa procedure, and I must admit I was apprehensive and a little skeptical about the grand results I've been reading. After putting my mind at ease (and using a little extra lidocaine) Claire, RN assured me it would be quick and mostly painless. Dr... READ MORE

Thank You Dr. Walter!

As we all know getting older brings all kinds of fun issues and problems to the table, for me and my poor husband it was decreased, or I should say, NO sexual desire, no orgasms, increased pain during intercourse, dryness and early signs of lichen sclerosis which also added embarrassing... READ MORE


Dr. Pickens performed the O shot procedure on me about a month ago. I was nervous to get the shots, worried that it would hurt. It did not hurt one bit. In fact, I had no clue she had even given me the shot until she told me. The numbing cream really worked. Here it is a month later and I am... READ MORE

Age 57 Post Menopausal Vaginal Symptoms & Stress Incontinence - Completely Disappeared!

I had the O-Shot procedure recently because of post menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, itchy sensation and just not very comfortable down there. Been going on for so many years now. I tried different creams and didn't get any relief. Only temporary. And who wants to have to use a cream... READ MORE

"O" Shot for Me and "P" Shot for Husband! - Dearborn, MI

We'll start out by saying that we've been married 33 yrs- I'm 62 and husband is 64. With the ravages of aging and 20 yrs of menopause, I've had some serious issues with sexual dysfunction from severe atrophic vaginitis, causing painful intercourse, and lessening clitoral sensation -- in... READ MORE

36, 6 Children. San Antonio, TX

Hi, I wanted to increase my sensitivity to penetration during sex and I think the shot really worked! Sex has been more pleasurable and more of something I look forward to. I can't wait to see the results when they peak at 3months. The first week was so good, I kinda want to get it again after... READ MORE

It's That Easy

Great experience... from scheduling my consultation with patient coordinator Tracy to the actual procedure with Stacie Isler. First the team is super down to earth and really makes you comfortable. Stacie explained everything in detail. There was nothing strange or uncomfortable that I... READ MORE

O Shot with Dr Ghozland

This is my 2nd O-shot. I was diagnosed with endometrial uterine cancer last year. I had a radical hysterectomy that spun me into menopause immediately at 38 y/o. Prior to the diagnosis I had painful sexual intercourse. After surgery and radiation things were worse. I never thought I would be... READ MORE

Mom of Small Children Looking to Enhance Pleasure - Dublin, OH

I have seen Dr. Grawe and Stacie Isler at Roxy Plastic Surgery for multiple things over the past year and I've never felt compelled to write a review until I went to her. Dr. Grawe and her staff are AMAZING! They make you feel so comfortable and I have been 100% satisfied with everything I've... READ MORE

O-Shot Was a Complete FAILURE - Miami, FL

Dr. Miami(Salzhauer) performed the O-shot and I waited the required 90 days to review b/c I was hoping I would eventually get positive results. It was a complete failure:( No increased sensitivity:( No success in vaginal orgasm:( Spent $1,500 for nothing. I'm writing this review to debunk the... READ MORE

36, 2 Kids, Low/no Sexual Desire - Powell, OH

I absolutely love Dr. Grawe and her team! I have yet to have a bad experience in her office. In 2014 I had a Breast Augmentation and the results were amazing. Dr. Grawe is the best Doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Recently I was sent an email about the new O-shot that they were... READ MORE

3 Kids- Dr. Aguirre, from Englewood, CO Changed my Life by Doing the O-Shot Simultaneously with my Labiaplasty - Englewood, CO

I had already had extensive interval pelvic floor repairs with Dr. Aguirre in July, which came about by medical necessity. After he did a vaginaplasty during that overnight hospital procedure, I longed to complete the whole process down there by experiencing his incredible results with... READ MORE

O Shot - Las Vegas, NV

I am married, 49 years old, have 2 children, (1 c-section and 1 vaginal birth). I have a very active sex life. I have occasional stress incontinence. I've been researching the O Shot for urinary incontinence as well as increased sexual pleasure. I've read Dr. Charles Runels research on line... READ MORE

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