Non Surgical Face Lift Videos

Learn How You Can Gain Volume in the Cheeks With Restylane Lyft

Dr. Adelle Quintana performs non-surgical cheek augmentation using the injectable filler Restylane Lyft®. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Silhouette Instalift

Dr. Jospeh Eviatar performs the Silhouette Instalift precedure on a 43-year-old woman to lift up her cheeks and improve her jawline. See these before and after results. VIEW NOW


What Aging Signs Can a Facelift Improve?

Dr. Andrew Campbell explains what signs of aging a facelift procedure can address, as well as what facelift procedure options are available. VIEW NOW

Learn About Kybella and the Injection Process

Dr. Dilip Madnani demonstrates Kybella, an injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells in the chin area. The number of treatments varies depending on the patient. VIEW NOW

How Botox and Dermal Fillers Can Improve Signs of Aging

Dr. Thomas E. Young shares this video of his patient discussing about her experience with dermal fillers and Botox injections. VIEW NOW

What Can Kybella Be Used For?

Dr. Choe discusses the most frequently asked Kybella questions. Kybella is used to dissolve fat under your chin. VIEW NOW

Microneedling Combined with PRP

Dr. Andre Berger explains this combination procedure which is meant rejuvenate the skin by adding fullness and eliminating wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Learn About Silhouette InstaLift

Dr. Andre Berger explains the benefits of Silhouette InstaLift. Silhouette threads are inserted into the skin using a minimally-invasive technique which results in lifting the skin and creating a youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

When to Use Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

Dr. Kris Reddy presents the differences between botox and dermal fillers. Procedures discussed include Botox, Juvederm, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Silk and Voluma. VIEW NOW

How to Restore and Rejuvenate the Entire Face

Dr. Amir Karam discusses treatment options to bring youth back into the facial area, live with RealSelf at AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Surgical or Non-Surgical: How Can I Tell Which One I Need?

Dr. J. Charlie Finn advises on how to distinguish what type of procedure is right for you and what to look for during your consultation, live from Nashville at AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical: Which Rejuvenation Treatments Are Best for Me?

Dr. Frank Fechner joins us at AAFPRS 2016 to discuss how to decide which type of rejuvenation treatments are best for your specific concerns, both surgical and non-surgical. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Shares Non-Surgical Facial Options

Dr. Timothy Minton discusses a variety of concerns that non-surgical treatments can address, live in Nashville at AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Getting the Most Natural Results When Considering Facial Treatments

Dr. Jonathan Sykes explains what facial treatments to consider to get natural results, live from AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Surgical and Non-Surgical Options for the Lower Face and Jawline

Dr. Richard Westreich explains who is the best candidate for various procedures, live in Nashville from AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

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