Non Surgical Face Lift Videos

What Is Fat Grafting?

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the application of fat transfer or fat injection to certain areas of the face. He mentions the common donor sites used in fat transfer. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains the Differences Between Dysport and Botox

Dr. Robert Sheffield compares Dysport to Botox. The product has its application to address wrinkles and unwanted lines of the face similar to Botox. VIEW NOW

Learn All About Juvederm Products

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the family of Juvederm products including Juvederm Voluma XC, Juvederm XC, Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Volbella XC. VIEW NOW

Can Kybella Really Dissolve My Double Chin?

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the medication used to dissolve fat in the area beneath the chin. He reviews the grid pattern that is used and a general discussion of how many treatments are needed to achieve a satisfactory result. VIEW NOW

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How a Non-Surgical Facelift Can Change Your Life

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the best candidates for a non-surgical facelift. The techniques include the use of fillers, Botox, Silhouette Lift and other skin tightening methods. VIEW NOW

Learn About Radiesse and What It Can Treat

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the chemical nature of Radiesse and its applications for deep dermal and subcutaneous injections in the face. He also explains hand rejuvenation with Radiesse. VIEW NOW

Galderma Takes on Allergan With It's Restylane Family of Products

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the extensive family of Restylane products and their specific use in areas of the face. VIEW NOW

What Is Sculptra and How Long Does It Last Compared to Other Fillers?

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the chemical makeup of Sculptra and how it was initially introduced as a soft tissue filler. VIEW NOW

Silhouette InstaLift vs. The Standard Facelift

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the best candidates for the Silhouette InstaLift procedure. He gives the details of how the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

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Address Facial Wrinkles With No Down Time

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the variety of ways to address facial wrinkles. These options include Botox, fillers, resurfacing and skin tightening techniques. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Facelift: Refreshing Your Face Without Surgery

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim outlines her approach to the non-surgical facelift procedure. VIEW NOW

FaceTite Demonstration: Non-Surgical Face and Necklift

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi provides a demonstration of the Facetite by Inmode device on a patient while explaining what Facetite is and what results you can expect. VIEW NOW

LazerLift : No-Surgery Facelift

Dr. Joseph Greco III shares this video of a patient describing her LazerLift experience. This procedure eliminates sagging jowls, redefines the jawline, and helps patients look younger without the need for surgery. VIEW NOW

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Cheek Augmentation Options: Fat Grafting, Implants, and Fillers

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a man's question about adding volume after the his previous Radiesse treatment. He explains the pros and cons of fat grafting, facial implants, and different types and techniques of fillers. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Answers: Do I Need a Facelift?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses some of the factors to consider when determining whether or not you should look into a facelift procedure. VIEW NOW