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Any Hope for a Ropy Looking Neck?

There's probably a better term for this, but I hate having those those vertical muscles (maybe tendons or ligaments) in my neck, but a deep canyon... READ MORE

Why Do I Have These Vertical Wrinkles Under Chin After Neck Lift?

3wks post op from neck lift and I have alot of vertical wrinkling of skin from the incision under chin.I had incisions around the ears as well. They... READ MORE

How do you repair verticle neck bands 2 years after liposuction necklift?

2 years plus after a liposuction necklift, and an infection under my chin in the incision and repair of same, I am suddenly developing these verticle... READ MORE

Do you think lipo was done on my neck and too much fat removed that caused this horrible vertical banding on neck

Not only is there loose skin down center of neck but very painful Banding starting under each jaw and running across under chin. Pixie ears pulled so... READ MORE

After my platysmaplasty, I still have vertical lines down my neck. They appear to be the same ones, or new ones next to the old.

I've had a platysmaplasty to address the vertical bands protruding in my neck, however, 6 months later, I have identical vertical lines protruding... READ MORE

Is creasing, and a shelving appearance normal 1 week post op from a neck lift procedure? (photo)

Hello. I am 42 yrs old. 68 in. and 118 pounds. Over time I noticed two parallel vertical lines centered under my jaw line. A neck lift was recommended... READ MORE

Had Neck Lift 7 mos. ago-Do I need a revision? (photos)

Hi - Had neck lift 7 months ago - Still have vertical neck lines esp on one side of neck more than other. Is this normal or does it mean the doc... READ MORE

Neck bands- are they right for me? (photos)

I'm 31 and I've have vertical lines running through my neck for as long as I can remember. When my neck is relaxed it is not noticeable but when I... READ MORE

Age 64. Have lost approx 60 lbs since 2012. Lots of loose skin with vertical lines under chin. (photos)

 What would you recommend? I am extremely self-consciously as it is very noticible. I thought a neck lift would be enough but now I'm thinking... READ MORE

Are these tiny lines running up my neck normal and will they go away? (Photo)

I am almost 6 weeks post op mini facelift and necklift. When I look up, these tiny vertical lines appear. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

What can be done for vertical lines on upper jaw after Necklift? (photos)

I had my necklift 6 months ago & am fairly pleased with my recovery and results but I have a vertical line below my lower lip to my ears on both... READ MORE

Vertical Neck Bands at 22? (photos)

I am only 22 yet have so much loose skin on my neck. I assume it is because I lost around 10kg when I was around 14 years old (I am around 45kg at the... READ MORE

Why is face so bloated and swollen 3 days after neck lift and eye brow lift revision surgery? (Photo)

I was not happy with my original face lifft and upper eyelid result as my eyes were not symmetrical and i still had vertical lines in my neck. I had... READ MORE

Neck lift 9 wks ago, with no problem,not even a bruise! What are these unsightly vertical lines and wrinkly folds now? (photos)

I look years older than pre surgery. There is fat around my jawline that was not there before. This has made my jawline fatter than previously. The... READ MORE

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