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Submandibular Glands - What Can I Do?

I had a suture suspension and liposuction done in November, 2010. but after 3 months I now have "hanging" submandibular glands that are... READ MORE

How important is surgical tape over suture line after stitches have been removed?

My sutures were removed under my chin after neck lift. My doctor put surgical tape over it. How long should the tape stay on and why is it needed? READ MORE

How Long Do the Results Last for the Suture Suspension Procedure?

How long do the results last? Have there been any complications reported? Is it the best procedure for minimal sagging at the jawline? READ MORE

Update from Suture Suspension Necklift - Need Advice PLEASE? (photo)

Went back to PS and told him I am still upset with what happened and how my neck looks and feels. He said he would remove the suture in his office.... READ MORE

Face Pulled Down After Neck Lift

Five weeks ago, I had a neck lift with sutures around the ears that pulled so tight they pulled my face downward, giving me a gaunt, older look... READ MORE

Neck Lift - Risk of Damage to Permanent Suture w/ Boxing?

I am interested in a mini necklift, which involves permanent sutures near the ear to hold up the SMAS. I box as a hobby and have concern about the... READ MORE

Problem with neck lift sutures?

I am 16.5 months post necklift and have constant tightness, choking and burning from where the suture is anchored behind my ears, all across my neck.... READ MORE

What type of sutures do you use for a platysmaplasty? Permanent/dissolving? Mono/braided? Any specific reason for your choices?

My question is about the suture material used when doing a platsymaplasty; are there any reasons to be concerned with the use of permanent,... READ MORE

Cutting the suture at neck?

I had a platysmaplasty and S-lift 15 days ago. The swelling is gone but my left ear and both sides of my face are numb, and I'm left with an extremely... READ MORE

What is the failure rate of Platysmaplasty with Dissolvable Internal Sutures?

I recently had Platysmaplasty and liposuction done to my neck. What are the chances of the internal dissolvable sutures dissolving too soon an ruining... READ MORE

Neck lift swelling. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a neck lift 3 weeks ago and I am very concerns about the swelling on the right side of my face. It has not gone down much and I'm getting scared... READ MORE

I have vertical wrinkles after neck lift. Will these issues resolve? (Photo)

I am four weeks after a neck lift, with sutures under the chin and in front and behind the ears. While I am happy with the sharpened jawline, I have... READ MORE

Is this under chin suture infected? (Photo)

9 days ago I had a plastimaplasty as well as a chin implant for "definition". I had never wanted the chin implant but did it bc the doctor said it... READ MORE

Is there any help for me?

In1996 I had a neck lift performed (platymoplasty). In 2002 the surgeon went in and released the sutures and cut scar tissue because of thightness.... READ MORE

Can suture suspension show through neck skin 8 weeks post surgery? Seeing a red line across neck around 4 weeks post (Photos)

3rd neck lift revision done around 3/4/2016 to fix lax skin on left side of neck from 1st & 2nd neck lift surgery. Done by same board certified... READ MORE

Removing and reversing suture lift?

I am very unhappy with a suture lift to the neck to improve jowls. I am unhappy with unsightly bunching to both sides of my neck, and a persistent odd... READ MORE

Chipmunk cheeks and sharp jawline after neck lift

I have chubby cheeks after neck lift surgery. It was a permanant suture with some skin cut behind the ear. Will the chubby cheek look go away? I... READ MORE

I had a parotidectomy. I see that face lifts should be considered with caution. What about a neck lift?

I had a parotidectomy (benign) 18 years ago. I am considering a neck lift for sagging skin on my neck as well as liposuction. The procedure that the... READ MORE

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