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Neck Lift Complication - Submental Scar Tissue Causing Platysmal Rupture. Is This Common?

My surgeon says I have been very unlucky. My incisions were only around my ears, so I can't understand why my submental area had such a... READ MORE

Follow Up for Previous Question Re: Scar Tissue Post Neck Surgery

Several doctors have wondered exactly what I had done. I went to the Doctor today and he told me I had a rhytidectomy. I do not have an incision under... READ MORE

Does Thick Scar Tissue on Neck After Platysmaplasty and Submental Lipectomy Go Away on It's Own?

I am 2.5 weeks post-op on a platysmaplasty with submental lipectomy. The first 1.5 weeks everything looked great! At that point, very thick, unsightly... READ MORE

How Can I Speed Up Healing to Creases & Lumps Left by Chin/neck Lipo? (photo)

I'm 33,female, & physically fit. I had a diet & exercise resistant double chin. 27 days ago I got a chin implant with chin and neck... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From A Neck Lift Revision With Excess Skin and Scar Tissue?

I had a necklift 1 1/2 yrs ago. I had a wierd look right after under my chin, dr. said you need a vy plasty to remove more skin. Looked great for a... READ MORE

Scar Tissue/adhesion Formation After Neck Lift?

After 2 neurologists, an MRI, CT & ultrasound it appears that I have a compression neuropathy (due to adhesions/scar tissue growth) post neck lift... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Forming After Rhytidectomy? (photo)

On 9/5 I had a rhytidectomy. I do not have an incision under my chin, they are in front and behind my ears, and in my scalp. The doc said he did... READ MORE

Steroids and Chemo Injection to Break Up Scar Tissue?

I had a neck sculpting on September 5th of this year. I went back to my doctor today because I noticed that I am more swollen now than I was 4 weeks... READ MORE

Swelling After Second Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue After Rhytidectomy? (photo)

I had a rhytidectomy with a sling 9/06/12. I posted several times because I seemed to have a lot of swelling and scar tissue. After 6 months, my Dr... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After Neck Sculpting? (photo)

I had a neck sculpting on September 5th of this year. I went back to my doctor because I noticed that I am more swollen now than I was 4 weeks ago. My... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Cortisone Injection or Laser to Help Smooth out This Scar?

I had a neck lift. There is still a thick piece of muscle under my chin. I have been massaging it and using silicone cream. It feels weird and is... READ MORE

Do any of the Dr's have suggestions on scar tissue after a neck lift?

I had a large hematoma that ran across my neck horizontal and toward my ear that is still there but smaller. I have tightness under my chin but not... READ MORE

How to fix skin adhesions in neck after platysmaplasty?

I’ve had two platysmaplasties now; the second one was done to correct a cobra deformity from excessive removal of subplatysmal fat that happened a... READ MORE

Does scar tissue ALWAYS soften up with the passage of time? My neck stills feels very stiff and tight at 7 months.

Surgeon says that the sensations I have in my neck are due to scar tissue contracture, & it will ease off eventually without intervention. I had full... READ MORE

Does anyone know how to get rid of these protruding neck cords that appeared after a necklift? (Photos)

I have tried botox, steroids, more surgeries, they come right back. I think it is making too much scar tissue because where my chin implant is, the... READ MORE

Scar tissue and pain. I am trying to educate myself so I can make a wise choice. Any suggestions? (photos)

On the Left side esp. I was wondering if this is just scar tissue.? Is the location close to my submandibular gland? READ MORE

Is it okay to inject steroids into the neck area?

I’m 8 weeks post- revision platysmaplasty and have already developed scar tissue in the top-central part of the neck. It’s lumpy and unsightly. At wha... READ MORE

Is there any help for me?

In1996 I had a neck lift performed (platymoplasty). In 2002 the surgeon went in and released the sutures and cut scar tissue because of thightness.... READ MORE

Does removing scar tissue generate more scar tissue?

I am having a revision platysmaplasty in two days. The revision is complicated by a vertical ridge of scar tissue that formed in the front part of my... READ MORE

I have had a short scar neck lift. I am not happy with it. Is there anything you can do to soften the scar tissue

I have had a short scar neck lift. I am not happy with it. It has caused unnatural pleating on both sides of my neck. Is there anything you can do to... READ MORE

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