Does Thick Scar Tissue on Neck After Platysmaplasty and Submental Lipectomy Go Away on It's Own?

I am 2.5 weeks post-op on a platysmaplasty with submental lipectomy. The first 1.5 weeks everything looked great! At that point, very thick, unsightly scar tissue began to form on my neck right under my chin. It has gotten worse this past week, with puckering and raised indented areas. I have been told this kind of tissue can go away completely on its own. Can it? And what timeline am I looking at, in general? A month? Two years? I feel deformed and severely depressed because of these results.

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Neck after Corset Platysmaplasty

If you have "thickness" of tissues right under the chin at 2.5 weeks after the Platysmaplasty, it probably represents collection of blood that occured after surgery that has now become  an "organized" hematoma and will resolve with time but can take weeks to months.  You can massage it and you should also return to your surgeon to have it evaluated. Sometimes these areas can be carefully injected with a steroid to resolve them Faster.

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