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Would a direct neck lift be appropriate ?

I am slim, sporty, had two facelifts in 19 years, and do not need another. AM 68. But there is a little too much skin in my neck under my chin which... READ MORE

I have deep wrinkles and a turkey neck. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My face looks like a road map.... especially on one side (side I sleep on). I am 68 and look a lot older. my turkey neck is ugly.I have attached 2... READ MORE

How soon after necklift and lower facelift is it consider safe to fly?

Have vacation to Florida planned for end of March 2016. Most convenient time for surgery happens to be March 1, 2016. Would it be safe to travel by... READ MORE

My Turkey Neck Seems to Be Coming Back After 9 Months. Why? (photo)

Had a lower facelift 9 months ago by a board certified surgeon. I am 70 years old. After all I went through, why is this happening? Will it continue... READ MORE

Would a chin strap help keep my neck from getting saggy again?

I am 67. Had neck lift two months ago. Would a chin stap help so my neck dosent get saggy again. I still have some dumbo ears...would the strap that... READ MORE

What can my 73 year old mother in law do to improve the appearance of her neck?

My 73 year old mother in law who is extremely conscious of her appearance, always wears make up and looks fabulous but is fed up of comments about her... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Neck Lift, if so what healing issues might I expect? What are approx. costs of procedures? (photo)

I am 65 1/2 y/o, had gastric bypass 4 yrs ago, lost over 90 lb, had very full face and neck, now have vertical folds in anterior upper neck. I will be... READ MORE

Lazerlift or surgical neck lift?

I have saggy skin on my neck and jowls. I'm 66 yrs. old and thinking of a surgical neck lift but now I heard about Lazerlift. Which do you think is best? READ MORE

Turkey neck and looking sad. What are the best options to tighten this? (Photo)

I am 65 years old and I would like to know the best options for tightening my inherited saggy neck which I know will get worse and worse as my mothers... READ MORE

I'd like to get an opinion on the best procedure to improve my neck and jowls area. (Photo)

I'm 65 years old later this year and I'm fairly satisfied with my looks except for my neck area, including jowls. I'm not sure what procedures to... READ MORE

Will I need a neck lift revision? (Photo)

I had a lower face and neck lift, co2 laser 2 months ago. My concern is that I feel my neck is already starting to sag and I feel concerned. I am 65.... READ MORE

Any way to resolve my neck? (Photo)

66 yo, lost 50 lbs & hit plateau. Doc said no facelift, neck work until I lost rest of weight. At my age, what if I don't lose more weight? Any... READ MORE

Effects of a neck lift vs. laser treatment of neck area. Any suggestions?

I am a 69-year-old female who is considering a neck lift. I had a facelift 8 yrs. ago, and don't feel I need another. But my neck skin really sags. I... READ MORE

With a neck lift, I'm sure it would not be the same for everyone, but on average, what is the recovery time?

Not sure how much I need done, as I'm getting up there in years...I'm 67. I've tried to upload a picture. but it won't send READ MORE

Worried about complications from general anesthesia? I am 73

I want to get a neck and face lift but I am 73 and I'm afraid I might suffer complications like my daughter did from her general anesthesia. I think... READ MORE

Sagging skin under chin at 66 - what is best for me?

I have this turkey gooble look right below center of my chin. I tried to grow a beard over it, but it accentuates it now and moves around when I open... READ MORE

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