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Neck Lift Procedure Options

I went to my plastic surgeon to see if there was something I could do about the wrinkles and loose skin on my neck, in the throat area. He suggested... READ MORE

What Is the Least Invasive Way to Remove the Neck Wattle? (Photo)

All i want is rid of my hereditary wattle could a direct neck lift be a option i am a 60 year old woman i want the least invasive procedure there is. READ MORE

Why is my Neck Sagging 4 Weeks After Neck Lift?

I am 56 years old and 4 weeks ago i had a lower face lift thar included a neck lift and playtsma tightening. A ago I had lipo suction under my chin. I... READ MORE

Turkey Neck Procedure with Minimal Downtime?

I am 55 years old and would like to know which procedure is best for treating a turkey neck with the least amount of downtime? READ MORE

Successful Neck Lift Results for Keloid Prone Skin?

Can a person with keloid prone skin/scar tendencies have a successful neck lift? I am a 56-year-old female and am developing a turkey neck, but am... READ MORE

Skin Ridge After Neck Lift? (photo)

I have a "skin ridge" that developed 24 hours after my lower face lift. The surgeon states my skin "fell over onto itself and stuck together" The... READ MORE

For a neck lift, I'm assuming that I should do weight loss first? (photo)

I'm 63. I can't help but wonder if looking my age is hurting my employment. I have loose skin under the neck with some "wattle" fat, which may... READ MORE

What Type of Neck Lift Can Be Done for Loose Skin Caused by Oral Surgery? (photo)

Having had oral surgery in the late 80's..with a section of the jaw removed on both sides and a clip inserted under the chin..I now have a turkey type... READ MORE

Will Neck Lift Be Permanent?

Please tell. E if my neck lift and bleph will be permanent. Thank you. I am 63 years old. READ MORE

What can be done with turkey neck? (Photo)

I am 59, and I am getting loose skin on my neck. What can be done? Thank you Diane READ MORE

Is Lipolite Best for my Neck? (photo)

Would a lipolite procedure lift/tighten my neck significantly? At least 75% lift? 90%? Or do you recommend another procedure? I am 59 almost 60 in... READ MORE

2 Pockets of Soft Skin Under Chin Either Side of the Center After Neck Lift

I am 2 weeks post neck lift and a fit 61 year old. Under my chin and either side of the center there is a pocket of soft skin. I realize it is early... READ MORE

I have jowls all of my life as long as I pack extra weight. I am 60 and wondering where I should start? (photos)

Would I need a full face neck Is it all one price or charge individually? for each procedure? READ MORE

Neck lift resulting in lumps under chin, pleats at base of neck and vertical cords appearance. Any suggestions? (photos)

As a 60 year old I wanted a younger looking neck and opted for a neck lift one year ago. Had fat under my chin liposuctioned and a corset... READ MORE

Going to do a neck lift. I am in my late 50s and a male. I am flip flopping on doing the brow lift at the same time if at all?

Most of my issue is with folds/ horizontal lines in my upper nose from the pressure of my slightly lowered somewhat heavier brows not nearly as bad as... READ MORE

Still have jowl and neck laxity 1 year post full face and neck lift -minimally invasive procedure? (Photo)

58 y/o, 125 lbs. Even after a year post-op (including chin implant), have not seen any improvement in jowls and neck laxity or down turned mouth.... READ MORE

Medrol After Neck Lift For 60 Year Old?

I am a 60 yr old female and I would like to know if I have to take Medrol after a neck lift. I have Osteoporosis and read that it may worsen brittle... READ MORE

I am a 61 year old female with a bad looking neck and fat under the chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel the rest of me isn't too bad for 61, so looking at my photos, what do the Doctors think? I am wondering if I should wait until my face catches... READ MORE

Which procedure for jowls and neck?

I am 55: concerns are jowls, neck and slackness in the mid face, with forehead secondary. 2 good surgeons have recommended: 1. Deep plane facelift... READ MORE

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