4 Months Post-op + Neck Lift

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Four Months Post-op Necklift Surgery is It Possible Feeling Will Return to my Right Ear and Skin in Front of my Ears?

Approximately 80% of the feeling in my left ear had returned by 8 weeks post-op with no improvement since then for my left ear. But my right ear is... READ MORE

1+ Years After First Neck Lift, 4 Months Post Second. Results Are Even Worse?

Had my 1st neck lift over a year ago. After two months, under my neck looked like my brains were under my neck. That went away, however left bagging... READ MORE

Neck lift - what is this and will it go away? (photo)

I am 4 months post lower face/neck lift (incision under chin), seemed to be healing well, but now I have these lumps under my chin. My PS says they... READ MORE

Why does my neck have hard knots and rope-like bumps underneath after a neck lift? (Photo)

After having neck surgery to remove my "waddle," I had problems with blood pooling under my chin so the drain was reinserted. The swelling has gone... READ MORE

Is this normal healing 4 months post-Neck Lift and Facelift? (photo)

At nearly 4 months post-neck and face lift I still have lumpy, bumpy areas alongside / adjacent to the submental incision. The area is also discolored... READ MORE

Am I Within my Rights As a Patient?

I had a necklift 4 months ago with extremely poor results. My surgeon even agreed and offered to do a revision. I said that I would like a second... READ MORE

4 months post op neck lift, now vertical band and puckering appearing on my neck. Neck has been smooth to this point. (photo)

I had neck lift almost 4 months ago. It appears to me my neck has started to sag. 2 weeks ago a vertical band started to show up on the right side of... READ MORE

Brown discoloration. I fear too much fat may have been removed and this could be platysma muscle showing. Is this silly? (Photo)

Please help: I am nearly 4 months post-op FL/NL and have had a brown discoloration around my chin incision area for many weeks now. It doesn’t i... READ MORE

Advice for Neck-lift Revision. 56, good skin tone & stable weight who had SMAS facelift/neck lift under GA 4 months ago (Photo)

Postop swelling mild & healing well. Neck area looked good for a few weeks. Facelift hardly noticeable. 10 weeks postop, sagging skin under chin came... READ MORE

4 months post op Face & Neck Lift, I have double swelling under chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a face and neck lift 4 months ago in Thailand and am basically very satisfied with the results. Under my chin, however, I still have 2 hard... READ MORE

Unhappy with result neck lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

An update on my questions posted yesterday. 4 months since my neck lift surgery. I seem to have chubbier cheeks that give my face a different shape. I... READ MORE

Hemorrhage complication after neck and chin lift and treatment. How can I get rid of the dried blood? (Photo)

I had a neck and Chin lift 4 months ago and that night I had a hemorrhage in my neck due to a nicked blood vessel. I started getting a hard lump in my... READ MORE

What is a lateral neck lift?

I had a lower face lift and neck left 4 months ago. As the swelling went away the bands on my neck are hanging again. My Dr said he will redo the... READ MORE

Neck + facelift w fat graft to neck 4 1/2 months ago. This is the result. I am anxious about what happened and healing (Photo)

I can’t find any facelift images which resemble my results. Right after surgery I had 2 dark round scabs on either side of my throat +1 on my cheek. I... READ MORE

4 months post op Neck Lift, I still have small bumps and wrinkles. Is this normal?

I still have small bumps under my chin and still tightening that looks like wrinkles in the neck area this is four months after surgery is this normal READ MORE

4 months post-op. It isn't persistent swelling, looked okay for 2 months. But it has started to sag? (Photos)

My neck looked better for 2 months after revision face and neck lift, but now has already has started to sag. Ears are hurting and pulling forward. READ MORE

4 month ago I had the TX laser Neck lift and band tightening. I continue to have discomfort. Any suggestions?

I continue to have discomfort. I guess I would describe it as tingling or burning sensation. Is this normal after 4 months of surgery. It is with me... READ MORE

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