3 Months Post-op + Mommy Makeover

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How Can my Belly Button Be Made Smaller and More Attractive? And How Can my Breasts Be Made More Symmetric? (photo)

I had BA & TT 3 months ago. I hate my bb. I feel it's too large & the skin inside almost sticks out, not even a straight line in the center. I... READ MORE

Are These Dog Ears?? When Can This Be Fixed??

I had the mommy makeover done on April 6th 2011. I notice the puckering in the skin right away I told the doctor about my concerns but I was told this... READ MORE

Is This Normal? 3 Months Post MOM. (photo)

I did a mommy make over about 3 months ago and since then i had two infections on tummy tuck scar on same spot.First it was a large bump sticking out... READ MORE

I Had a Tummy Tuck 12 Weeks Ago and Breast Reconstruction, and My Body is Spitting Stitches?

My body is severely spitting the stitches, finally staring to heal in my breast but my belly button is still leaking fluid bad... How long will this... READ MORE

Is a significant amount of swelling normal 3 months after having a Mommy Makeover? (Photo)

I had mymommy makeover on 1/27/15 and I was completely happy with my results up until one month ago. My stomach was flat and my body had a nice... READ MORE

Is the vertical pleat in the middle of my belly going to improve? Will my breasts even out? (Photo)

Hello? Im 10 weeks post surgery and I'm concerned about the fold/pleat that is in the middle of my belly! Is it going to flatten? Is my compression... READ MORE

3.5 months post op mommy makeover. Will my nipples even out? Lift with implants (Photo)

I have 397cc in each My surgeon said that there was nothing he could do and that there is no need for a revision because the same thing will keep... READ MORE

3 Months Post Mommy Make Over?

Ishhh. its been 3 mnths and i feel its very slow cause i still look like i am pregnant . my doctor is telling me its going to be ok but i still think... READ MORE

How long until I can go back to the gym after a mommy make over? (photo)

Hi I was just wondering how long is it safe to wait until I can go back to the gym I had a mummy make over 11 weeks ago today. I was very active... READ MORE

Is more lipo needed? (Photo)

3 1/2 month pos mommy makeover. My surgeon now suggest more lipo of my tummy and flanks. Is this something I can reasonably accomplish with diet and... READ MORE

I'm two and half months post op from full Tummy Tuck, breast lift w/Aug. My abdomen still swells. Any suggestions?

I had a great experience. With my surgery. But my abdomin still swells after I Do much of anything. Is there a way to help reduce this swelling ?... READ MORE

How hard would it be to correct my breasts? Would I need another breast lift to correct size and uneven nipples? (Photo)

Had breast lift and tummy tuck without lipo 3 months ago. Breast are not what I expected. Tummy tuck was ok but I think I should of gotten lipo to... READ MORE

Is my swelling normal? Can I do anything to correct dog ears? (photos)

I had a mommy makeover 3 months ago Saturday. I wore my compression garment the whole 3 months. This week is my first week without it and I seem to be... READ MORE

Sun Exposure after having a Mommy Makeover?

I have at least once a week tanned in a tanning bed with no bathing suit (to be blunt, completely nothing on) two days a week i would spray tan. I... READ MORE

Is it okay to walk on a treadmill?

I had a TT with fascia repair on Oct 9th. Had a BA on Nov 20th. Only minor complication was a stitch came loose and it was repaired on Dec 4th. I have... READ MORE

How do I know for certain that my implants are the same size?

I am almost 10 weeks from BA and TT. One breast appears to be fuller than the other. It is apparent to me to the naked eye and others have told me the... READ MORE

I am almost 3 months post-op of my mommy makeover. Can I wear a faja Colombiana and start weight lifting?

Hi, iam almost going to be 3months of my mommy make over can I wear a faja Colombiana and start to do weight lifting? I feel great no discomfort at all READ MORE

I was told that I can do light cardio. But I would like to know what exact exercises am I able to do?

Today makes 3 months since my mommy makeover (Tummy Tuck & Breast Aug), My right breast hasn't completely dropped, and I still have little bleeding... READ MORE

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