Scar Tissue + Mole Removal

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Does Mole Removal by Electrocautery Cause Bad Scarring?

I've been self conscious of a small black-dotted mole (sharp tip of a pencil) between my eyebrows. I went to an esthetician for consultation. She... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole Was Removed? Why Did It Appear? I Applied Derma Tend Cream for a Mole Removal.

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole was Removed? Why Did It Appear? i applied derma tend cream for a mole my question is how can i... READ MORE

Bump on Mole Excision Scar? (photo)

I had a mildly atypical mole completely excised. It's been over a month and the scar healed nicely but in the last week a small bump with a dark... READ MORE

Worried I scratched off a melanoma and it's under the scar now (photos)

Mole developed R wrist Oct 2011, no growth but darkened while pregnant I dermatologist saw Nov 2013 and another in March 2014, said it looked fine... READ MORE

Will Mederma Help Fade Scars Left from IPL used to Remove Moles?

I got IPL done on some sun spots/moles and I was told to put Mederma on the places where the scab falls off and the skin underneath is pink. After... READ MORE

What Type of Scar Should One Expect From Having a Mole Removed from The Chin?

What is the next step/procedure after mole removal in getting the skin to appear scarless? READ MORE

Remove Mole on the Face, Afraid of how the Scar Will Look, Suggestions?

I have a big mole about an inch in my nose in the right side, for the last 20 years I been debating if I should remove it or not. I am afraid on how... READ MORE

Mole excised seems to be coming back in scar tissue. Is this normal?

I had a mole excised 4 weeks ago, received results today that said it was mildly dysplastic. Yet to see doctor to discuss further but i have noticed... READ MORE

Scar revision after mole excision for lumps on ends, concave in middle. Worried of effects scar tissue has from prior surgery.

Had mole removed by incision. I am left with a dog ear on top and big lump on bottom. Between is a concave with a hole in the concave from a drained... READ MORE

Side of nose mole removal-lump almost two months later. Is this just scar tissue?

I had a mole removed from the side crevasse of my nose end of December with stitches ( dissolving and regular) by plastic surgeon. Now mid Feb. I have... READ MORE

Need skilled Dr's opinion on mole & scar I've had for years? (Photo)

Hi All I have a mole that is surrounded by scar tissue from picking at it when I was younger. This was a stupid thing to do and I regret it every time... READ MORE

Mole and scar removal options. Shave excision vs. laser treatment. (photo)

I'm looking to possibly remove this mole, but it's not just a regular mole, as you can see in the pics it's surrounded by minor scarring from a failed... READ MORE

Should I see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for the possible removal of this mole? (Photo)

I posted this question before, but it was incomplete. This mole is in a sensitive area for removal and I wonder who would do the job better? Also, are... READ MORE

Mole growing back into scar tissue? (Photo)

I had a mole removed from my shoulder 10 years ago. It was benign but left scar tissue. The mole is now growing back into the scar. I saw a... READ MORE

Is it normal to have slight discomfort years after mole removal?

About 8 years ago (when I was 19), I had a mole partially removed for a biopsy. The biopsy found that it was not melanoma but that there were some... READ MORE

Mole removed with apple cider vinegar. Is the mole tissue has spread trough my bloodstream or is this not possible?

There is now scar tissue where the mole was what if the tissue beneath the scar turns in melanoma will you see some changes in the area?or is it... READ MORE

Mole removed from breast a year ago and now it aches in that area. Could it be scar tissue?

I had a mole removed from left side of breast over a year ago. I get an aching feeling in the area every now and again and it feels a little un... READ MORE

Dog ear removal on face after mole removal several years ago. Will the scar tissue most likely come back?

If one has a dog ear removal, do you see a difference right away or is the site where dog ear was removed still a bit raised shortly after surgery? In... READ MORE

Why is my scar tissue swelling? (Photo)

I had a mole on my right shoulder removed a few months ago. I haven't gotten the biopsy back yet but my scar that was left after the surgery sometimes... READ MORE

Will my nostril go back to its original shape and allow normal breathing? (photos)

Had surgery to remove 2 moles. Post surgery the nostril was and still remains very pinched. My doc wants to blast the scar tissue with a laser... READ MORE

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