Worried I scratched off a melanoma and it's under the scar now (photos)

mole developed R wrist Oct 2011, no growth but darkened while pregnant I dermatologist saw Nov 2013 and another in March 2014, said it looked fine under dermatoscope. My problem is I squeezed and picked it off leaving a scar. Now I am scared that it was a melanoma and it is deep under scar tissue. No dark pigment in the scar just pink. Can a melanoma be scratched, rubbed,picked off. wouldn't it have grown or changed significantly in 2 plus years? I'm so worried. I am 34 and a mom of 2 precious babies.

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Scratched off mole

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Since you're still very worried I would just go to your dermatologist and get the area punch biopsied. If it was a real melanoma it'd be  very difficult to scratch off the entire tumor.  There would be some residual tumor left behind.  More than likely it was a benign keratosis.

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Did I scratch off a melanoma

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Melanomas and other cancers really can't be just picked off. They leave residual tumor behind. If it was that easy to just pick them off, we wouldn't have to do surgical excisions and such. If you want someone to do a biopsy and confirm what it is, that is fine. (If you are this worried about the site in general this might be a good idea.)

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