How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole Was Removed? Why Did It Appear? I Applied Derma Tend Cream for a Mole Removal.

How to Remove Black Spot After a Mole was Removed? Why Did It Appear? i applied derma tend cream for a mole my question is how can i remove my black spots?

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need more information to answer your question. Was the mole removed, sutured or was it shaved. What color skin yo have?

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Black Spot After Mole Removal

There are a number of reasons why a dark or black spot can appear on the skin at the site of a mole removal. Patients with darker skin complexions will often develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH, as a common side effect of skin procedures. Here, the procedure of removing the mole itself can stimulate the body to create a dark mark in its place or in the scar tissue. The good news is PIH often resolves on its own over time. Fading creams and other prescription creams can also be used to speed the recovery. Another reason that a black spot can develop is a small portion of the mole is left in behind after the procedure. This dark root can regrow and create a mark at the surgery site. A common treatment for this scenario is to remove the mole a second time.

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Treatment for a remaining black spot after mole removal

A black spot can sometimes remain when a very deep mole is removed by shave excision. The mole will rarely regrow and the appearance with the central dark spot should not be objectionable. This is because the mole is actually "shaved off" at a level just below the surface of the skin. If the biopsy showed the mole to be benign and the dark spot is objectionable, it can often be simply removed using a punch biopsy or by doing a simple ellipse excision of the area and suturing. Depending upon the location of the mole, one treatment may be better than the other.

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