Scalp + Mole Removal

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Removing flesh-toned mole on head

I have an ugly big mole on my head and I want to have it removed. It is of the same color of my scalp and its shape has changed, it looks kind of like... READ MORE

Could the weird mole on my scalp be serious?

I have a mole on the back of my head, between my hair. I've had it since I can remember and it has always been sensitive to touch. It doesn't really... READ MORE

Removing Scalp Mole - Freezing?

Little smaller than a pencil eraser and in located on the top right side of my scalp about an inch above my hair line. Its covered by my hair. but... READ MORE

Removing a large mole on the head in a way that it won't keep hair from regrowing? (photo)

My son has a mole on his head (1 cm wide), which he's had for many years (he's 14). It's slightly raised in the middle and redder, but brown on the... READ MORE

I have a mole on scalp. What type of mole is this? Is it okay that it bleeds, and will insurance cover the removal? (photo)

It will bleed if it's accidently combed over with a brush. It appeared a few years ago while I was pregnant. It's in a very inconvenient spot for me.... READ MORE

Should I Go Get This Mole Checked Out? (photo)

This mole (picture attached) just appeared yesterday on my arm. It was crusty, and it doesn't look like any of my other moles. It has a white spot in... READ MORE

My husband found this on my scalp, should I be alarmed? (photo)

My husband just found this mole type thing on my head... I have a lot of moles on my body and I have gotten some removed. So far all my moles are... READ MORE

Should I get this mole checked out? I'm getting really worried. (photo)

I am wondering if this is melanoma. I'm really worried about this mole and what it looks like. READ MORE

Can Basal Cell grow large under scalp over a few years?

I found a mole on top of my head about 5 years ago but just recently had it tested. It came back Basal Cell Carcinoma and my dermatologist is... READ MORE

My daughter just had a "freckle" removed from her scalp. What type is this? Is cancer in an 8 year old common? (photo)

We live in AZ. It is rather small and there was no color underneath where they removed it. She has had it several years and it hasn't noticeably... READ MORE

Reappearing mole after shave biospy. (photo)

A month and a half ago I had two moles removed. The one on my scalp has been there since I was 14 years old. I am 26 now. It has always been painful... READ MORE

How much does it cost to have a mole removed from the scalp?

I've had this huge birthmark on my scalp since I was born. It is located on the left side of my head, in between my temple and my ear. It is... READ MORE

What are the chances a black mole on your scalp is melanoma? What else could it be? I have an appointment, but worry. (Photo)

I was putting my hair in a bun today and noticed this mole. I thought it was a scab at first. I am Asian and adopted so I don't know my family history... READ MORE

I have a scab that looks like a mole. This is growing on my scalp (Photo)

For like a month now I have felt something grow on my scalp I thought it was a dried pimple on my scalp but it's ruff and it won't go away. It's... READ MORE

How much would it be to remove the 7-8 moles on my scalp? Would V Beam work, or do they need to be surgically removed?

I am a 23 yr old male who is balding at a decent rate. I would say I'm about a class 5 pattern 1.  Anyway, I don't have a huge problem with... READ MORE

I am worried about two possible moles. One located in my scalp and one in my temple. (Photo)

30 yr old male, hispanic, darker skin complexion. Healthy otherwise. No history of skin cancer in family. Although history of other cancers. The mole... READ MORE

Apparent Lesion On Head - Should I worry? (photo)

Attached are 2 photos of this thing on my scalp. They were taken about 11 days apart and the thing has been there for about 3 weeks. I am a 49yo fair... READ MORE

Is an oval shaped mole, that feels pointy to the touch, odd? Should I have it removed?

I have this oval shaped mole on my scalp and if I touch it a certain way, one side feels almost pointy. Is this weird? I'm thinking about getting it... READ MORE

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