Scab + Mole Removal

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I removed a Mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. Now I have a pink scar/crater. What will make this scar look normal again? (photo)

I got a scar from removing a mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. It resulted in creating a crater. A scab formed which eventually came off resulting in a... READ MORE

Burned my mole trying to remove it with apple cider vinegar. Have I ruined my chances to remove it professionally? (Photo)

I read that using apple cider vinegar was an effective way to remove moles so I thought I would give it a try . I placed a q-tip with acv on my mole... READ MORE

Infection after getting mole removed? (photos)

I got a me removed about a week ago and it began to scab but the scab has now fallen off and it is essentially and open wound. It is bleeding and... READ MORE

How to get rid of Dark spot after mole removal? (photo)

I had a raised mole on my forehead, and I removed that with apple cider vinegar application. it worked! After the scab fell down there was pale and... READ MORE

What is the Mole excision healing time?

I had a 7mm x 7mm mole removed almost 4 weeks ago. I've been putting Vaseline or Neosporin on it and have kept it covered the entire time. It still... READ MORE

Got a mole removed. Scab accidentally got scrapped off. What should I do?

I got a mole removed from my chin by a dermatologist 5 days ago. An elevated scab formed where it was removed. I accidently broke off half the scab.... READ MORE

Scab 4 weeks after stitches removed.

I had a mole excision mid November with five stitches (two deep dissolving). Stitches were removed ten days later and since end of November I have... READ MORE

Recently Raised Mole on my Back?

Hi, I have a mole on my back that has always been flat, dark brown and about 3mm. Recently it became slighty raised which concerned me. I was... READ MORE

What wound care would you recommend after shave biopsy? (photos)

I had a shave biopsy on my nose two weeks ago and got no post-surgery instructions from NHS at all. Now the scab has formed for more than 2 weeks and... READ MORE

Shaved Mole, Scabs Fell off After Only 3 Days? (photo)

Hi, After having the shave method done on 3 moles 3 days ago for cosmetic reasons, they have today fallin off which seems very fast!! I applied a... READ MORE

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater. What to do? (photos)

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater, never did anything, must of split during sleep. It scabs up with dried blood and doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

Large noticeable hole in face after mole removal, will it heal? (photo)

I had a mole removed from my face about two weeks ago. My doctor instructed me to leave a bandaid on the wound for a day. I was told to let it scab... READ MORE

Is my mole healing badly? It has started to feel hot & is becoming very itchy & it's uncomfortable to straighten my arm. (Photo)

10 days ago I had a mole 'shaved off' (crease of elbow) After 5 days I saw GP & I was given Fucidin H cream to use daily. Still when I wake it is dry... READ MORE

Laser mole removal left me with a hole in my forehead, help!

I recently had a mole removed that was on my forehead it was slightly raised not very big but it was coloured. I had it removed via laser and the scab... READ MORE

Round scar after radio surgery mole removal? (photos)

I'll keep this short and simple Will this scar heal properly/well? I accidentally scratched off my mole/little scab that was forming after my post... READ MORE

Brown skin around my mole after two weeks after removal. Is this normal? (photos)

Two weeks before I got my mole removed by electrosurgery, my doctor gave me Fudic ointment to use on effected area. every thing is fine even the scab... READ MORE

Day 7 - mole removal site HAS NO SCAB but looking raised, bumpy and pink. Is it granulation tissue over growth? Or?? (photo)

Did not find a scar that looked like mine or that was described as mine on the net. I know a scab formed but now it looked like it has blended in with... READ MORE

Mole removed with apple cider vinegar. Is the mole tissue has spread trough my bloodstream or is this not possible?

There is now scar tissue where the mole was what if the tissue beneath the scar turns in melanoma will you see some changes in the area?or is it... READ MORE

Is normal for a cauterized mole to have a scab on it?

I had three moles shaved off three days ago. I have been treating all three based on my instructions to clean with mild soap and water twice daily and... READ MORE

Whats happening with my frozen mole?

I had a mole frozen over a week ago, the scab has fallen off and it has healed, however there is no change to the mole and it is still there. Will it... READ MORE

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