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Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be?

Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be READ MORE

My excision doesn't seem to be healing. Is it infected inside? What do I do? (photo)

I had 3 moles on my face excised 2 months ago. 2 are hardly noticeable. One is very sore inside. It is protruding and very red. I gave it a little... READ MORE

Red Spot Beside Mole?

I have a red spot beside my mole an it feels like its under it too. It feels liquidy and my mile still looks normal. Last time this happened I... READ MORE

Not sure if my removed moles are healing properly? (photos)

I had 5 moles removed from my face three days ago, I am cleaning them rice a day with shower water and mild soap, patting dry followed by a layer of... READ MORE

12 year old with raised mole now itchy and with some thick white pus. (Photo)

My 12 year old daughter has had a pink raised mole on her stomach since birth. She just noticed it had gotten a little swollen with some thick pus... READ MORE

A Black Dot Appeared on my Raised Mole, It Started to Hurt and Now There is Pus and Inflamation?

I have a black raised mole by my lips, i am dark skinned and have not experienced any changes on it ever. A while ago a black dot appeared on it,... READ MORE

Infection signs after mole removal. Normal or not? (photo)

I had a mole removed 5 days ago and it has become increasingly red around the edges and is now yellowish white and releasing pus. I have washed with... READ MORE

Yellow pus developed near mole removal wound? (Photo)

Hi doctor, I got my mole removed a little over a day ago on my face, and i begin to see this yellow pus spot today near the wound. Is this infection?... READ MORE

Mole Removed Long Ago? (photo)

I had a raised facial mole removed 30 years ago. The doctor basically cut it off at skin level. Always had a slight hardness under the skin where it... READ MORE

Am I healing correctly after a punch mole removal on my nose? (Photo)

I got a mole removed on my nose two days ago and am concerned about how it is healing. Some white bumps are starting to form around the three stitches... READ MORE

I got my mole removed 4 days ago and I was wondering if it looks infected. What should I do if it is? (Photo)

The doctor told me to just clean it with water and put a bandage on it, 2x a day. I asked him if i should apply anything on it and he said "just put... READ MORE

My 5 years old son had his mole removed from the sole of his foot. Now after a month it got infected. Any suggestions?

It looks like white puss and red around it, hurts and also feels like something bumpy underneath. is it possible that stiches are not dissolving and... READ MORE

After an atypical mole was surgically removed 5 months ago, I'm having complications. Mole was benign. Should I worry? (Photo)

Prior to removal, I had issues with ingrown hairs in and around the mole that appeared to resemble a pimple and were bothersome often painful and bled... READ MORE

Mole removal scar looks like it has pus?

It looks like it has pus, is this normal? I just took the sutures off the wound yesterday after a week of having it on. READ MORE

Pus under my mole, is it just a normal boil or cancerous? (photos)

It hurts like the usual boil i have had the past years,i removed the hair on my mole to let the pus out and i saw a hole like the ones from my... READ MORE

Is my mole an atypical mole or common mole? Is it possible to have nodular like acne growing underneath mole skin? (Photo)

I wasn't born with the mole on my cheek. It grew by age of 2. I've had it for 19 years. Just two years ago, I noticed swelling beneath mole skin... READ MORE

Had a mole on my chin removed 3 months ago and is now bleeding and a red circle. Any suggestions?

It was titchy and i may have scratched it to hard, that made the wound swell up and get very red with what looked like a blood blister. The next day i... READ MORE

Why has my scar (due to mole removal), after almost a month from stitches removal, burst in blood and white liquid?

I had a mole removed in March, I had stitches and had them removed on the 18th of March. All was fine. On Sunday 9th of April I have showed my friend... READ MORE

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