Purple + Mole Removal

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Post Mole Removal: Purple/Black Spot Inside Red Healed Wound

Hi. 4 weeks ago I got rid of a flat mole on the middle of my cheek with a few stitches. The stitches were removed 3 weeks ago and I now have a small... READ MORE

My Mole Removal Scar is Purple/black, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed on my leg about a month and a half ago, and the scar hasn't subsided. It's still a very deep purple/black. The results... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off of my lower back. Silver nitrate was used to stop the bleeding. Is this normal? (photo)

It is red and deep purple. I am experiencing a minor burning sensation when sweat or air hits the area, is this normal? What should I be looking... READ MORE

I Have a Purplish Blood Spot That is Worrying Me, I'm Constantly Googling and is Really Freaking Me out?

The purple mark comes and goes, I've had it for about a month, in the exact same place, it will show up then fade then come back. This has happened 4... READ MORE

2 Weeks PO Laser Mole Removal, Anything to Lighten Spot?

I had a treatment for laser mole removal and its about two weeks ago and i am really worried about this purplish dark spot on my face, is there... READ MORE

I have had a pimple like mole for a year.What it could be? (Photo)

Its brownish purple in color. It does not itch. It is raised not flat. Its symmetrical. Its colored has not changed in an year. If you want more... READ MORE

After shave mole biopsy 2 months ago, the spot is now a redish/purple with a black dot.. should I get it rechecked? (Photo)

I went to have a few moles checked, which turned out to "look normal" to the dermatologist. I had not had a skin check so she found 2 moles that said... READ MORE

I have a mole that is painful, black, and has a purple ring around it. My derm. is booked for 2 months. Should I wait? (Photo)

My mole changed in color and became painful very suddenly. I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist for 2 months from now, and they felt... READ MORE

I have a mole on my foot, should I be concerned? (photos)

Hi! I've had a mole on the sole of my foot since birth, recently I noticed it's became paler and when I squeeze the area around it, it turns... READ MORE

Dark bruising around mole removal; is it infected? (Photos)

Hi, I had a mole removed earlier wide excision I believe was the term used. Anyway, I haven't removed the whole bandage yet but the area around where... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a black/purplish spot under skin after shave biopsy of mole removal? (photos)

I had a mole removed less than 24 hours ago on my forearm. It was a faint light brown color and my derm wasn't concerned about it, but I removed the... READ MORE

My sister and I just got moles removed and skin is black/purple where the moles were (Photo)

My sister and I just got moles removed and skin is black/purple where the moles were, please help! Will this go away? and what is it? Please help. READ MORE

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