Post Mole Removal: Purple/Black Spot Inside Red Healed Wound

Hi. 4 weeks ago I got rid of a flat mole on the middle of my cheek with a few stitches. The stitches were removed 3 weeks ago and I now have a small dark purple black spot inside the red healed wound. What is it? it may be that the plastic surgeon did not remove the entire root from the mole? Is this normal? or what could this be?

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Healing wound

The dark spot is likely to be from a suture, either a deep dissolving stitch or a retained skin suture. Please ask your surgeon if he sent the mole for histology (biopsy) the report of which will show whether the mole was completely removed or not.

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Still Healing

Sounds like you are still healing.  One thing to have your doctor check is a piece of the stitch is left behind.  The outer layer of stitches are often dark.  There may be a little blood accumulated in the area as well.  It is less likely that a piece of the mole was left behind.  The best thing to do is see the doctor who removed the mole so you can get your question answered.

Lisa Benest, MD
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Dark Spot Inside a Healing Wound

This sounds to me like it is most likely a dissolving suture that is close enough to the surface of the skin to be visible. When excising facial moles, I frequently do a "layer closure" using a deeper layer of dissolving sutures and a superficial layer of non-dissolving sutures that are removed one week later. The dissolving sutures usually take many weeks or even a few months to dissolve. If they are close to the surface, the purple color can be visible. No need to worry but if it persists and you remain concerned you should return to have the area examined by your surgeon.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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