I have a mole that is painful, black, and has a purple ring around it. My derm. is booked for 2 months. Should I wait? (Photo)

My mole changed in color and became painful very suddenly. I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist for 2 months from now, and they felt comfortable waiting until then to look at this mole, because I have no history of melanoma. I'm in a panic, thinking it should be seen before then. I called around and can see a new dermatologist in one month. Is it safe to wait a month or two? No one was willing to expedite the process. How much worse can it get in a month?

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Irritated Mole

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It is more looking like an irritated mole. Chances of conversion in to melanoma, of a common melanocytic nevus is very low (2.5%). However if a mole is asymmetrical with irregular border, colour variegation, diameter >6mm, ulceration and bleeding then you should take an opinion of a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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