Keloid Scar + Mole Removal

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Mole Removal Options for Patient Prone to Keloids?

I'm 19 years old and I want to get this raised mole on my nose removed. I've had it since I was around 7 rears old and I think it's gotten bigger. I'd... READ MORE

What is the Chance I Will Get a Keloid Scar from a Small Mole Removal on my Upper Chest?(photo)

What is the Chance I Will Get a Keloid Scar from a Small Mole Removal on my Upper Chest? READ MORE

Which Part of Body Do Keloid Occurs?

I read that there is a high chance keloid will occur along the jawline. I'm considering getting the raised mole on my chin removed. I am keloid... READ MORE

Mole Removal On Chin. Keloid Prone

I have a raised mole at my chin. Sometimes it itch and there are hair growing out from it. I noticed it is getting bigger. I am considering removing... READ MORE

Cryotherapy for a Mole Removal on the face

Hi, I am thinking about using Cyro Therapy on my face for a mole on my forehead. I have a keloid on my chest from a surgical mole removal, and another... READ MORE

Early Scar Normal (1 1/2 Weeks After Mole Removal)? Or Hypertonic/keloid?

Early Scar Normal (1 1/2 Weeks After Mole Removal)? Or Hypertonic/keloid? READ MORE

Can a person get this large mole removed from their back when it's so close to their spine? Will they get a keloid? (Photo)

Does this look like something should a person be concerned with? Sometimes it hurts after prolonged periods in the sun and when it gets scratched by... READ MORE

Will removing a mole on my chest produce a keloid scar?

I'm a 19yr old girl who has two rather large raised moles on my chest that I have had since I was young. I want to get them removed (via a shave... READ MORE

Will Raised Moles Increase the Chance of Developing Keloid Scars? (photo)

I have had three small facial moles removed two years ago using the laser method, I believe. Two of them healed fine with almost no scarring. The... READ MORE

What can be done about a bad scar that was left after mole was cut out? (Photo)

A few years ago I had a dermatologist' assistant remove a mole that was on the very upper part of my shoulder. The mole was the size of a pea and... READ MORE

What is the best method of surgery to minimise my scars post Micro-Thermocoagulation. (photo)

12 months ago I went to a beauty clinic for Micro-Thermocoagulation of 10 moles, 4 of the larger moles have scared (keloid) and are sore if pressed. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a mole removed without leaving keloids/scar?

I want to remove my flat mole on neck.But i doubt is it possible removing mole without leaving scar or keloids? because i have 2 keloids on my chest... READ MORE

Does keloid or hypertrophic scar form after 3 weeks of mole removal?

I have mole removed 3 weeks back and I have an slight swelling on one edge of wound and pinksh and itching.can it be hypertrophic scar or keloid? I am... READ MORE

Is this a typical mole? Is it a keloid? Can it be removed with tea tree oil? (photos)

I've had this mark on my face ever since I was a child. I wasn't born with it, but whenever I went to the doctor, they never said anything about it. I... READ MORE

What's the best way to have the mole removal from my face? (Photo)

I would like to get the mole removed which treatment is better for me 1. Radio frequency shave 2. surgery excision Note: have got two keloids on my... READ MORE

Could my scar be turning into a keloid? (Photo)

What started off as a mole removal turned into a pretty disfigured, bumpy scar, with mole hair still growing from it. I've done a excision scar... READ MORE

I am 29 male. I am looking for removal of the mole on my face. Any suggestions? (photos)

The mole has been there since I was 13. Now the mole has grown a bit in size and secondly a hair is coming out of it. I have got two keloids on my... READ MORE

What's the best option to remove a dark brown flat mole? (photo)

I have a dark mole on my left cheek which has some hair that I remove by plucking. A year ago, I went to a dermatologist to have it removed. Since she... READ MORE

Scar changing 6 months after surgery? Redness, pimple-like formation, burning sensation. Keloid? Undissolved sutures? (Photo)

I had a benign mole removed from my jawline 6 months ago. It healed well (pic 1) up until 2 weeks ago, when the tip turned from white to bright pink... READ MORE

Best way to avoid keloid after semi-large mole removed from shoulder?

I had a large (8x9mm) mostly flat mole removed on the back of my shoulder, but the shaving method. My derm told me it could be at a high risk for a... READ MORE

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