Flaky + Mole Removal

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I have a mole that looked dry, flaky. I picked it off.Now it's almost gone? It looks like a light brown color. Dangerous?(photo)

I went to a dermatologist 3 years ago for a mole check and recently got some mole removed from my back. 2 months ago I not a mole near my belly button... READ MORE

I have had a mole under my left armpit my whole life but recently it is like swollen and very itchy. (photo)

Is it skin cancer?  It's swollen and like flaky and has a scab like texture. It's so itchy i can't tell you. It's dark brown and has a continuous... READ MORE

Do you think this is a mole my dermatologist will want to remove? How much do you think this will cost? Can I pay in payments?

I have this mole on my cheek that really bothers me. I've had it practically my entire life, but have never seen it the way it is now. It's no bigger... READ MORE

Is this a mole? If it is, should I have it removed? (Photo)

I've had this forever but the last year when I push on it there's alittle bit of pain underneath it. It's skin color and dry/flakey. You can see it in... READ MORE

Mole(?) between toes (photo)

I've had this mole(?) between my two toes for at least 10 years. No changes other than when it gets wet it gets flakey. I had a biopsy done as a... READ MORE

Is this a mole? (photo)

I got a mole or something else 2 weeks ago on my foot and it appears larger and color is Brown. All my moles tend to be pure black because I'm Asian... READ MORE

Is this dangerous? And should it be removed? (Photos)

I have this 'mole' on my back, which my girlfriend recently pointed out. She said it could just be a wisdom spot or something similar but I am a bit... READ MORE

Brown mole dark on top, the top gets flaky sometimes, seems little larger & upraised recently & it has been hurting.

I'm wondering if maybe benign but possibly growing internally maybe pressing on something maybe why causing pain sometimes READ MORE

My mole has not changed in size. Little bits flake off it sometimes (Photo)

I have been to my docter and the said its nothing to worry about READ MORE

Hair laser mole removal. Is there any chance it may grow back?

I went to remove the hair that's above my mouth with a laser, and i have this little mole, and within days after the laser it flaked, the doctor... READ MORE

Will it heal okay? Please help! (Photos)

I used iodine on a mole and some of the surrounding skin got burned and was dry and flaking off. It left a really dark spot after which I couldn't get... READ MORE

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