Aquaphor + Mole Removal

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Mole regrowth still bleeding after shave excision.

This is day two after removal and the area is still bleeding. Not sigificantly, but enough for me to want to change my bandage. I've been using... READ MORE

I got a few moles removed on my face yesterday (shaving method) but I'm not sure what to do now?

She put little skin colored tape over the wounds and said not to wash my face for two days and to let the tape fall off on their own. I am on day two... READ MORE

Mole removal aftercare.

I just got my mole removed with shaving biopsy about 3 days ago. I've been putting Aquaphor 2 times a day. Should I also put a bandaid on it? It feels... READ MORE

Had a mole on my neck removed by the shave method 1 ago. The site of the removal is pink/red and raised. Is this normal? (Photo)

Lab result: benign. It doesn't hurt and there isn't any discharge. The darker spot is part of the mole that did not get removed because it really deep... READ MORE

Is my mole infected? (Photo)

A little over 2 weeks ago I got a small mole on the back of my leg removed and I have been changing the bandage regularly while applying aquaphor. The... READ MORE

25 days post mole excision. Incision site is still red. What can I do to make it heal faster? What about Aquaphor? (Photo)

It's on my medial thigh and I got to say that I'm physically active that's why I'm not healing as fast. It's been 25 days since the surgery and nearly... READ MORE

Do I let my cauterized mole site dry & scab naturally fall off? Or keep moist with neosporin or aquaphor? (Photo)

Had superficial moles removed from face via Electrocauterization. The skin care specialist said to leave alone and let it dry and fall off. There was... READ MORE

I got my mole shaved down about 3 hours ago, how long until I can wash my face?

I just got my mole removed on my chin. I asked my doctor all the questions associated with cancer, and the regrowth perentage, he explained everything... READ MORE

Is my shaved off mole healing? (photo)

I had a mole removed from under my eye (shaved) and I was given no aftercare instructions. So I googled them. I've been applying aqauphor daily and... READ MORE

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