After Removal of Mole by Shaving How Many Days Do You Recmmend Wearing Band Aid with Aquaphor?

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Caring for your mole after shave removal

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Hi, Dalila80.  I always tell my patients that the better they care for their biopsy site, the better the eventual scar.  I'd recommend applying Aquaphor to the site and covering with a bandage until the skin appears healed over (no more moist areas), which generally takes 1-2 weeks on the face.  After the area is healed, it can be more likely to get burned in the sun, so take extra precautions with sunscreen.  You can also start scar therapies at this time, if recommended by your doctor.

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Mole removal

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We recommend using bacitracin for the first 2-3 days and then transition to vaseline for another 2 days and then use a lotion with spf.  You can wear a bandage if need be for the first week off and on, but try not to wear the bandage for too long. 

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