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Seroma or Scar Tissue?

I had a small seroma after a mini tummy tuck. I got it drained until he could not pull anymore fluid out. There area is still puffy and is not... READ MORE

Seroma fluid keeps coming back. How can I stop it? (Photo)

I had a mini tt march 10th, 13 days post i had to get a drain put in, i had it for 2 weeks and just got it removed 2 days ago. I just started to... READ MORE

Lipo W/ Mini Tummy Tuck, but No Drains?

I have lipo w/ mini tummy tuck one week ago. My doctor did not place drains. Are drains required, or just a matter of technique? I am worried that I... READ MORE

Why my belly is not flat after my mini tummy tuck and lipo? (Photo)

Hello. I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo bout 6 weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago i went bk to surgery to have the drains bk in as i had some seroma. Got... READ MORE

Belly Hard Above Scar 6 Weeks Post Op Mini Belly Tuck

Had mini belly tuck 6 weeks ago removed compresion band 3 days ago belly has swollen a little and above the scar either my belly or the muscells feel... READ MORE

Any advice on leaving a seroma untreated?

I have a relatively small pooch right above my mini TT incision, 2.5 weeks post opp. When I push on it, I can see/feel water swishing around. I went... READ MORE

Hard Area Between Belly Button & Incision 3 Weeks PO From Mini Tummy Tuck?

I had a mini tummy tuck and a correction to my belly button. The doctor suggested having the "hood" removed on the top portion of my belly button to... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect to Have Drains In?

I am having a mini tummy tuck and lipo on my abdomen and flank (back). How long can I expect to have my drains in for? Thanks READ MORE

Out of town surgery - drains still not finished. Where/how do I get them removed?

I got surgery in New York City and I live 300 miles away. I was told the average time for drain removal was 7-10 days and I planned for 12 days here.... READ MORE

Persistent Seroma. I'm getting a little scared that it will never go away, or that there may be something more to it

Hi I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo on my "donut" in January 2015. I had a drain for exactly one day. It wasn't producing hardly any fluid so my... READ MORE

Bulge after drain removal with mini tummy tuck. Could this just be fluid? (Photo)

I had a mini tuck/hernia repair on May 29th. I had my drain removed after two weeks. It was putting out less than 25cc. The nurse had To yank my drain... READ MORE

Should I have my seroma looked at (photo)

I had a mini tt with lipo of upper abdomen, flanks and inner thighs done 4 weeks ago. I am pleased with how I'm healing so far. I had my drain in for... READ MORE

Drain tube came apart from suction bulb, will I be okay?

Drain tube came apart from suction bulb, I'm 7 days post op from a mini tummy tuck and Lipo. I don't have much drainage but all blood in the tube went... READ MORE

How long can a seroma persist? (photo)

I had my mtt and lipo surgery 3/5/14. I developed a seroma 6 days post op. Dr placed two open drains on each if of the incision, removed left one... READ MORE

Do you need drains when having a mini tummy tuck? And in what circumstances do you not need any? (Photo)

. I did not have any drains out in by my doctor. After surgery I felt like I was 9 months pregnant. The swelling would go down only very minimal but... READ MORE

When can my jp drain be removed after fluid has stopped for more then 24 hours?

Hi...I had a mini tt on Dec 22nd...I went home with a drain for a wk n had it removed...I developed a seroma at almost 3 wks post op and went back to... READ MORE

Remove or leave drain?

I had a mini tummy tuck. I'm 10 pod. Drain out put has been 50cc/hr serous for 42 hrs. I've been wearing a compression garment around the clock expect... READ MORE

Hematoma 1 week after mini tummy tuck

Hello doctors, I had a mini tummy tuck with Lipo and BBL a week ago, I had one drain that got removed today. The doctor seen me and said I developed... READ MORE

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