Seroma fluid keeps coming back. How can I stop it? (Photo)

I had a mini tt march 10th, 13 days post i had to get a drain put in, i had it for 2 weeks and just got it removed 2 days ago. I just started to develop more fluid, I am wearing 3 compression binders 24/7 and eating tons of protein. Any advice on how to keep the fluid from building up?

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Seroma fluid keeps coming back. How can I stop it?

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It may require several aspirations to get the seroma to resolve. if the seroma continues to recur after 3 to 6 aspirations, your surgeon may consider placing a closed suction drain.  You can also help by minimizing your fluid and salt intake.  If you have a problem with edema ( swelling of the feet or ankles) you may want to ask your medical doctor if a diuretic medicine (water pill) might be of help.

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Persistent seroma following a tummy tuck

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  • Seromas after tummy tucks are not unusual. There are two options available in my practice. One is to do serial aspiration of the hematoma through the numb area between your bellybutton and pubic hairline. This can be done twice weekly with continued compression of your abdomen. The other option is replacement of the drain. I would discuss these options with your plastic surgeon and see what he recommends. Best wishes!

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Seroma fluid keeps coming back. How can I stop it?

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I would probably reinsert a drain - and most likely a passive one, such as a Penrose drain.  I would then recommend that you leave it in place until the drainage has stopped, however long that is.  You may want to have an x-ray taken beforehand, just to make sure that there's not something visible that could be causing this.  Most likely not, and prolonged drainage - I'd leave it in for a few days after the drainage appears to have stopped just to be sure - will most likely be successful.

You should, of course, remain in contact with, and work with, your plastic surgeon throughout this process.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E
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Seroma fluid keeps coming back. How can I stop it?

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The thought of re insertion of a drainage system comes to my mind. Ask your surgeon about this thought ..// 

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