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A Mini Lift Appropriate After Korean Zygoma and Mandible Reduction Surgery?

I am a 29 years old asian female, and last December I underwent zygoma, mandible reduction and acculift in Korea. I have always had a bit of baby fat... READ MORE

Is 25 Too Young for a Mini Face Lift?

My aging genes are not the best. I am starting to notice my personal aging signs. Knowing a little about the field, I feel there should be no real... READ MORE

Mini-Facelift for Sagging Skin at 26?

I have, from too much sun, stress, social smoking and drinking, what I believe is prematurely aged skin at 26.But I also have relatively full cheeks,... READ MORE

I Am 34 & I Suffer from Premature Aging & Some Sagging Jowls. A Top PS Recommended I Have a Mini-facelift, Good Idea?

I suffer from acne and he also explained this can cause premature aging. (And my neck needs help) I have tried EVERYTHING for the acne. Retin A,... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For a Mid Face Lift? Tried Injectable Fillers and was Unsatisfied. (Photo)

Hi At 32, I suffer from a prematurely aged mid face area. Gravity has pulled the fat down from the area underneath my chin bone to below the corners... READ MORE

To Lift or Not to Lift? (photo)

While I'm certain I want cheek and lip implants, I can't decide if I would benefit from a mini lift and lip lift as well. I'm 28 and unhappy with the... READ MORE

Cheek Liposuction or Mini Facelift for Bad Fat Graft?

I realize this may be difficult without photos. I had fat grafting to the cheek area a yr ago and it gave me terrible fold lines around my mouth... READ MORE

Is 30 too young for a surgical mini facelift or thread lift etc.? (Photo)

Hi, I am 30 years old and have noticed the lower part of my face starting to sag. I have had botox since the age of 25 and have tried dermal fillers... READ MORE

I Just Turned 30 but a Lot of People View Me Older. I Feel my Skin Seems a Bit Lax? (photo)

My jaw and under chin skin looks loose and my cheeks look droopy would I be a candidate for a facelift? READ MORE

I suffer from an uneven face and sagging skin with fat deposits. I am only 32 and want a mini lift. Please advise. (photos)

Loss of volume is a problem but I also have a lot of lose skin that I can move around the face. Bothering me most is the sagging skin (fat deposits?)... READ MORE

I'm 30 and had 2 sessions of Sculptra. I noticed my cheeks appeared saggier. Could a mini lift help? (photo)

I had 2 sessions of sculptra and 4 vials my face appears saggier and bottom heavy. Could a mini lift help?I feel that my face looks older now after... READ MORE

Lost a little weight and need to get rid of excess skin, smile lines, etc. What are my options? (photo)

I am turning 30 this year and recently lost a fairly significant amount of weight (from approximately 117 to 100), enhancing my already noticeable... READ MORE

I'm 34. Am I too young for mini facelift? (Photo)

Hi, I will be 34 this year but is already seeing sagging skin around my nose/mouth area. I have done fillers but don't really like them because I have... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a mini facelift? (Photo)

Hi , I'm 34 and I feel the lower part of my face is sagging I was thinking of getting a mini facelift do you think I would benefit from this procedure? READ MORE

Is mini facelift an option for me? (Photo)

Hi. I've got extra sugging skin on the left side of my face so I wonder if getting a mini facelift will be a good idea, even though I'm only 30 years... READ MORE

I'm 34. Would I benefit from mini face lift? (Photo)

Hello doctors! I've noticed my jowls are sagging my eyes appear sunken and tired and cheeks are hollow ? I know surgery is not needed but if I'm... READ MORE

Could you tell me if I am a candidate for neck/jowel liposuction or a mini lift? (Photo)

I am in my early 30s so I expect to hear "no" in response to a lift. But I wanted to hear expert opinion. My concern is that the skin seems to be... READ MORE

Fatter, square face, deformed head-shape after mini-lift, is this normal?

I am 3 days post-mini-lift. My upper cheeks which were always full look fatter. I fear that the doctor just tucked skin from my jaw up to cheeks. He... READ MORE

Dying for mini facelift at 26 (Photo)

Had tons of volume loss in my face in the past 6-7 years. Tried fillers but the only place it helped was the melomental fold (spelling?) around the... READ MORE

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