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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.

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Worst Decision Ever-microblading gone wrong

I had my eyebrows microbladed 4 months ago. I have lost sleep- spent hours researching removal methods and cried a lot. I am a petite blonde and thought that since my eyebrow hair was black- I needed black ink. I look like a complete clown. They don't follow my eyebrow hairline and I spend... READ MORE

On Fence About Procedure - West Los Angeles, CA

First mistake was getting a Groupon coupon for my brows! Didn't really focus on brows in the past and now they were the center of attraction! Hated them once done and now 3 months later they are not too bad but certainly something you really shouldn't be cheap on don't bargain shop on face... READ MORE

Worst Decision Ever

I had microblading done April 22, 2017. I had absolutely no brows before. But after I look like a clown. I don't want to leave the house. I am beside myself. The technician had a great portfolio. Of course, my luck she didn't listen to me. My brows are HUGE now and too close together. I showed... READ MORE

Microblading with Little Linda

I have never had "real eyebrows" and when I take pics my face looks very pale. I was not blessed with eyebrows or eyelashes. I was very pleased with the work she has shown on Snapchat. Loved her shape she puts on people. She is quite expensive but you get what you pay for (right?) She does... READ MORE


Today, I went to get my eyebrows done and what a mistake! They are too thick and dark! I look horrible. The girl that did my eyebrows did the measure and everything and I thought it looked too thick but she told that it was because the pencil that It will look different and now I'm totally... READ MORE

Love my New Brows!

After reading quite a few negative Microblading reviews on this site, I felt compelled to share my experience. I got my brows done five days ago and am in LOVE with the results. I cannot stress how important it is to find a brow tech you trust. I did extensive research and chose mine based on... READ MORE

33 Years Old. Eyebrows Would Not Grow Back! - Delaware, DE

I had waited 2 years for my eyebrows to grow back. Surprise. They didn't. So I happened to see something about mirocblading. I got sick of filling them in everyday. Being worried about the rain or going swimming. So as a birthday gift to myself. I did my research and got them done! I won't lie.... READ MORE

Microblading or "3D Brows" Uneven and Not the Same Shape... Not Happy!! - Buffalo, NY

I went for my 30 day touch up hoping she would correct my uneven and misshaped brows and she did try but with no luck. I was told that no brows are going to be exactly the same which I understand. However, they should at least be the same shape and if you look at the center of my brows they... READ MORE

Microblade-Eyebrow: Black or Brown? I screamed brown:-(

I think she used black! I specifically said Brown!Brown!Brown. She said it's dark brown. I don't think so!!! My scabs are coming off and now it's starting to look ash blue. I am not sure because it's so new. Shape is okay and I understand this is preliminary. Just pissed because I had thiis... READ MORE

28 Microblading/microshading Combo

I had microblading/microshading combo on 4/12/17. i was really freaked out because they were super dark at first but now they are lightening...but if you zoom in you can see little black dots. i'm assuming from the shading. is that normal? tell me truthfully if these eyebrows look horrible. and... READ MORE

Microblading of Eyebrows - Albuquerque, NM

I had microblading yesterday. Be forwarned...it looks REALLY dark after the application. I'm told it will fade quickly, but in the meantime it doesn't look natural at all. Here is my before and after picture. The procedure itself was quick and relatively painless. Definitely better than I... READ MORE

Love my Brows!

This is my 2nd time to have my brows microbladed(by he same person)and I love them! I suggest to anyone wanting this done to please research your brow artist thoroughly. The procedure was mildly uncomfortable at most. She did use numbing cream. But I still felt some. After care was simple.... READ MORE

Microblading Experience Left Me Feeling Botched and Horrible - Bay Area, CA

Several years ago, I had my eyebrows tattooed and it left me feeling uneasy. I came out with orange reddish hideous eyebrows and ever since then, I've had to pencil and fill in, which takes me about 15 minutes to do. After spending hours and hours on the internet doing microblading research,... READ MORE

Not very happy with these new eyebrows!

What a mistake! I just had my eyebrows micro-bladed and they look ridiculous!! (The picture shown was taken the day after my first treatment). I am 59 and have never had anything like this done before, so I didn't really know what I should have expected. I thoroughly checked the cleanliness of... READ MORE

Microblading and Eyeliner with Waterline - Sandy, UT

My biggest fear going into this procedure was that my bottom eyeliner would end up too think and heavy. When my technician said "waterline" she meant waterline AND the lash line. When I said waterline I meant only the waterline. It's how I've been doing my makeup for years. During my... READ MORE

jasmine kim of anastasia bh ruined my brows!

Worst decision ever! I thought having microblading done at the most well known brow salon in Beverly Hills, by the protege of the founder, I was at the safest place ever. I did not believe the founder would ever allow someone to mess up her waxing and shaping clients. Boy was I wrong! I have... READ MORE

1 Week Post Microblading. Inner Corners Still Too Dark.

When I first got my eyebrows microbladed one week ago I hated them. Way too dark. Since then, they have lightened up, but I still feel like the inner corners are too dark and they are also a bit blocky looking. Will that look fade? I'd like that area to look not as dark as the rest of the brow,... READ MORE

Diamantblading (Like Microblading but with a Diamond)

Today I had diamantblading done. It's similar to microblading but the strokes are finer, like the size of hair. They're 'drawn' one by one with a diamond. This procedure costed $130 more than microblading but I figured I'd pay for it. I think I'm glad I did. I say 'think' because it's only... READ MORE

Microblading to Fix Over-tweezing/bald Spots

I went ham on my eyebrows in middle school and they've never full recovered. I had so much space between them and now, where they've grown in, they're really patchy and thin. I don't like spending a lot of time on my makeup and I think filled in brows look really unnatural on my face. I'm hoping... READ MORE

Horrible Uneven Microbladed Eyebrows! Huge Regret!!

Same old story as many others who turned to microblading to gain confidence and those who were tired of doing their brows every day for years. Waited a couple years to actually trust someone to do my brows cus I was always so afraid that it would go wrong somehow. Well, IT DID. In a major way... READ MORE

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