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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.

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36 and Not Sure About This Yet - Orlando, FL

I am fair with blond hair so my eye brows have always been lighter. Having to tint or draw them in. So I researched the procedure and stalked albums and artists work. I found one close to me that seemed fair in price. She did excellent work. Now I'm one day out from procedure and they look... READ MORE

Love my Brows!

I was very reluctant to get micro blading. I saw all kinds of good and bad pics. I was so scared because you can't hide your eye brows very easily. But now I'm so glad I got them done! At first they seemed very dark but they lightened up in about 2 weeks. The after care was much easier than I... READ MORE

12 Days After I Got my Eyebrows Microbladed and I HATE IT. How Can Fade Them? - Philadelphia, PA

So when she started my microblading and showed me one eyebrow after it was done I told her I do not like the shape and that is not what I asked for. I also showed her a picture of how I like to fill my own eyebrows in so I know the look I wanted was achievable. She kept cutting and cutting to... READ MORE

No Longer Have Blonde Barely-there Brows - Woodland Hills, CA

The before pic you see are my sad fully grown out eyebrows. I've been drawing them in for almost 20 years. This procedure is something that I've wanted since I've heard about it and after much research, I decided to go through with it. First, I think it's important to know that you shouldn't be... READ MORE

Help! My Brows Seem Too Thick!

I am on day 3 of my post microblading procedure and I am freaking out! The procedure itself was great, but I am worried about the darkness and thickness of my brows. From what I've researched and learned from my technician, I know the color will fade. But how much will the thickness shrink?? My... READ MORE

Say No to Microblading

If I could go back in time this would be one of those things I wish I can take back. I don't have any regrets in my life, but this is one of those things that will forever affect me mentally and emotionally. Yesterday I had microblading done with the same girl I have use in the past. I had the... READ MORE


So , after a year or so if having HD brows my friend/technician talked me in to having Microblading. I'm a single mum of 2 who works so I don't have a lot of expendable cash.. so this is a Big thing for me.. I read up and had a lot of advice.. at this point I'd like to point out that at35 I have... READ MORE

Brow-less No More! - Nashville, TN

I've been stalking Real Self for several months to read other's experience with mocroblading. I finally summoned up the courage to do it. The studio was beautiful, in a secure building, and Shayla was warm, kind and professional. She explained everything in great detail and answered my questions... READ MORE

Best Thing Ever

I never had an arch in my life ever and microblading gave my face life. The procedure took less amount of time than the prepping. My technician was precise and took her time measuring where my eye brows should be visually. I was nervous in the beginning since I don't have any tattoos and read... READ MORE

On Fence About Procedure - West Los Angeles, CA

First mistake was getting a Groupon coupon for my brows! Didn't really focus on brows in the past and now they were the center of attraction! Hated them once done and now 3 months later they are not too bad but certainly something you really shouldn't be cheap on don't bargain shop on face... READ MORE

Freshly Microbladed, I'm Freaking out Guys! Help!

So I just got my eyebrows done and I have mixed feelings?. First I was bleeding a lot and they're super swollen. I think the shape is too thick, I'm hoping that they will get thinner as the swelling goes down. Can someone? tell me if that's the shape I'm stuck with?! I feel like crying and I... READ MORE

I Had Microblading on my Eye Brows 3 Days Ago and I Really Regret It! - Melbourne, AU

I had microblading on my eyebrows on Wednesday morning. The lady who did it is meant to be the best of he best her work is amazing but I'm freaking he $&@" out! She said She would follow my brow line and suit he shape o my face. She said she would use a dark blonde ink. As soon as I saw my... READ MORE

My Microblading Experience

This is one scary process let me just say! I had my microblading done on Sunday so I'm Day 2 post procedure. I have been so stressed over what I look like that I have lost four pounds feeling sick and anxious over doing this to my face. I had almost no brows so I wanted to start small. The girl... READ MORE

28 Microblading/microshading Combo

I had microblading/microshading combo on 4/12/17. i was really freaked out because they were super dark at first but now they are lightening...but if you zoom in you can see little black dots. i'm assuming from the shading. is that normal? tell me truthfully if these eyebrows look horrible. and... READ MORE

Eye Brows Microblading

So I heard about microblading on real self and thought " Hey I think that would go really nice since eyebrows are super important and mine were eel mediocre after plucking them when I was younger. I also could never get the right shape that would suite me. Finally I decided to get it done after... READ MORE

Much Better Look for my Face!! - Yuma, AZ

I have always struggled with mismatching, thin and patchy brows due to overplucking and a scar from my childhood. I researched brow artists and techniques and found a girl local to me with tons of experience. My procedure was done today and I am really happy. I do feel like my brows are big and... READ MORE

Microblading Procedure - Florida, FL

I went to the best of the best. Not going to lie, I was shocked at first and I'm still getting used to them. They're a bit dark for me, so I'm praying for some color fade. The procedure itself wasn't that painful! I am looking forward to the 6-week perfecting session! If I don't do the yearly... READ MORE

Getting my Brows Back

A few months ago I didn't even know what micro blading was. I saw a lot of reviews here and decided I needed to check it out for myself. I looked on a Groupon and saw a place running a special but I was thinking it was to good to be true so I didn't buy in. However I started to follow that salon... READ MORE

How Can I Make Microblading Brows Fade Faster - California, CA

So I got my eyebrows microbladed and I feel color the dr used is way to dark for me, and they are slightly to thick as well compared to my original brows ... what can I do to make the color fade. I got my brows done on Wednesday June 7 and it's June 9, I'm wondering what can I do to make the... READ MORE

Dealing with Uneven Microbladed Brows - Lebanon, LB

I have always had thin eyebrows and had diffuclty growing them as i would lose a lot of hair in the brow area, however they were always symmetrical and i could fill them in with make up very easily. After seeing lots of pics about microblading on social media especially instagram i decided to go... READ MORE

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