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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.

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Sparse Eyebrows, Felt "Undone" Now Filled in 3D Style and Beautiful!

I went to see Lynn Duncan after my mother had her eyebrows done. My mom has a very different shape and style of eyes than me. My mom had soft powder eyebrows and loves them. I wanted a bit more hair definition so I chose the 3D Hairstroke eyebrow procedure. I was VERY nervous because I have... READ MORE

Unhappy with Microbladed Brows - London, GB

Hi All Looking for some opinions/advice. I just had my brows microbladed yesterday and I'm so unhappy with them I want to cry. I literally feel sick every time I think about it or look in the mirror and I don't know what to do!!! I had pretty sparse brows I would always fill in fairly bold... READ MORE

How Much Pain Did You Experience?? - Ontario, CA

Got my brows micro bladed yesterday and she used Zensa numbing cream. It sat on my brows for 30 mins beforehand and covered in Saran Wrap. The procedure was 9/10 for pain!! How did your person apply the numbing cream (how often/time/type etc)? Still unsure about whether or not I'm happy with... READ MORE

I Had the Procedure Done Today and Im Freaking out :O

I had the microblading done today ...and its so so dark ...im dirty blonde and the brows look like stamps ...I also think its too thick and too close I look like Im angry ... I want to cry :(((((( Can I make it fade somehow - should I try saline solution? ......................................... READ MORE

Microbladed Eyebrows.....unsure

I had researched microblading my eyebrows for months. My research consisted of before and after pictures and learning how long it lasts. I finally saved up the money and had a wild hair to get them done right away. The salon I found had positive reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Due to... READ MORE

Wanted Fuller, More Defined, "I Woke Up Like This" Brows...

I found my artist through Yelp and her pictures were great: very natural, soft but noticeable realistic hair strokes, and shaped to a T. I booked a free consultation with her where she spent almost 30 minutes shaping my brows with a ruler and filling them in to show me what kind of shape I could... READ MORE

3D Brow Microblading - Stoney Creek, ON

First appointment August 11, 2016 - During first hour the Anesthetist took many measurements and marked me up, to ensure brows will be correct in lenght, thickness, evenly and properly spaced apart, arch is correct for my face and features - everyone's arch and spacing is different depending... READ MORE

Yes! I Have Eyebrows Again! Microblading is a Great Invention - Newington, CT

My sister got microblading done. I had never heard of it. But I had over plucked my eyebrows in the 90s and they were just too thin. I would pencil in, but that would just fill them, not change shape or size. I didn't want tattoo eyebrows because it didn't look natural. But after I saw my... READ MORE

Super Thin Eyebrows, No More! - Boulder, CO

I never liked my eyebrows and was filling them in every day to improve my shape and darkness. I heard about microblading and was really skeptical but it turned out great. The color and shape is really natural, even I can't tell that my brows were bladed. I was numbed, so there was no pain, and... READ MORE

Microblading Positive Experience and Result - Dallas, TX

I started looking into microblading a year ago. I have thin patchy eyebrows. I am not the best with makeup so it was a struggle drawing them in everyday. Plus my vision is not the best so they look different every day. I wanted to do thorough research before messing with my face. I watched... READ MORE

Brow Confused - Rhode Island, RI

Let me start by saying I've researched this a million times and yet everything I knew and was supposed to check flew out the window as I genuinely put all of my trust in my esthetician. My eyebrows are way too dark. They don't even match my brow pencil I've been using for years and look... READ MORE

Eyebrows Look Really Thick and Dark

Hi everyone! So I got my eyebrows done yesterday. I used to have pretty thick eyebrows growing up, but throughout the years I definitely have gone overboard with the plucking so I've been growing my eyebrows out recently. My left eyebrow has had a scar in it since I was a child, and i mainly got... READ MORE

Love my Brows!

At first, I was very concerned because my brows looked way too dark and thick. I came home and my husband was quite worried. But that is just how the procedure goes, and after a few days the dark brows faded, and then after they healed they look totally normal. No one would ever guess that my... READ MORE

I Hate my Eyebrows Microbladed! They Look Bad Like They Were Painted On - Salt Lake City, UT

I got my eyebrows microbladed today. I didn't want anything to dark just touch up my bare spots. She did a good job of matching my real arch but they look like they're literally painted on. People say they lighten but I just don't see myself ever liking these. I cried all day. What can do to... READ MORE

Will my Skin Go Back to Normal?

Hi I am unhappy with my brows the shape isn't quite what we decided on. And I'm having second thoughts all together about it. I have not gone in for a touch up yet. I did call my technician and ask if she could remove them and she didn't really answer she just kept saying they will lighten up a... READ MORE

23 Old with Patchy Eyebrows

I had a bad habit of pulling my eyebrow hair out when I was stressed out. So my brows were really patchy. This was perfect for me. I am very pleased so far with the results. The shape and color is perfect. The procedure did not hurt at all and I have happy with tech I picked. She had a lot of... READ MORE

Removing Poorly Microbladed Eyebrows. Rockville, MD

This is the first time I've joined this kind of site, or written this kind of post. But I am sharing my experience in hopes of helping others avoid the unnecessary trauma I inflicted upon myself. LOVE YOUR FLEEKLESS BROWS. I opted for the microblading procedure because my natural eyebrows are... READ MORE

Microblading - Canada

I only had them done 2 days ago but I am full of regret...I hate the shape and color and I'm totally heartbroken. Every time I look in the mirror I want to cry (and sometimes do). I hope this fades fast....I have no idea how these can be fixed at my touch up appointment or if I even want to... READ MORE

Loving my New Microbladed Brows! - Herndon, VA

Over years of waxing, plucking, and just plain getting older, my eyebrows had gotten very sparse and my right brow had absolutely no tail. I learned about microblading by accident as I was searching for a makeup artist to do my wedding makeup. I found Marina Sizova on Wedding Wire and as I was... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent Makeup

My brows have always been "off" and not quite symmetrical. I have patches where hair hasn't grown in and it's always bothered me. So, I've been researching permanent eyebrow tattooing and have been stalking Heidi Carney's work for about 2 years. Then I realized she does her work at Dr. Connors... READ MORE

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