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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows. The technique uses a hand-held tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs. The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.

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Eyebrows Look Really Thick and Dark

Hi everyone! So I got my eyebrows done yesterday. I used to have pretty thick eyebrows growing up, but throughout the years I definitely have gone overboard with the plucking so I've been growing my eyebrows out recently. My left eyebrow has had a scar in it since I was a child, and i mainly got... READ MORE

Love my Brows!

At first, I was very concerned because my brows looked way too dark and thick. I came home and my husband was quite worried. But that is just how the procedure goes, and after a few days the dark brows faded, and then after they healed they look totally normal. No one would ever guess that my... READ MORE

I Hate my Eyebrows Microbladed! They Look Bad Like They Were Painted On - Salt Lake City, UT

I got my eyebrows microbladed today. I didn't want anything to dark just touch up my bare spots. She did a good job of matching my real arch but they look like they're literally painted on. People say they lighten but I just don't see myself ever liking these. I cried all day. What can do to... READ MORE

Will my Skin Go Back to Normal?

Hi I am unhappy with my brows the shape isn't quite what we decided on. And I'm having second thoughts all together about it. I have not gone in for a touch up yet. I did call my technician and ask if she could remove them and she didn't really answer she just kept saying they will lighten up a... READ MORE

23 Old with Patchy Eyebrows

I had a bad habit of pulling my eyebrow hair out when I was stressed out. So my brows were really patchy. This was perfect for me. I am very pleased so far with the results. The shape and color is perfect. The procedure did not hurt at all and I have happy with tech I picked. She had a lot of... READ MORE

Removing Poorly Microbladed Eyebrows. Rockville, MD

This is the first time I've joined this kind of site, or written this kind of post. But I am sharing my experience in hopes of helping others avoid the unnecessary trauma I inflicted upon myself. LOVE YOUR FLEEKLESS BROWS. I opted for the microblading procedure because my natural eyebrows are... READ MORE

Microblading - Canada

I only had them done 2 days ago but I am full of regret...I hate the shape and color and I'm totally heartbroken. Every time I look in the mirror I want to cry (and sometimes do). I hope this fades fast....I have no idea how these can be fixed at my touch up appointment or if I even want to... READ MORE

Loving my New Microbladed Brows! - Herndon, VA

Over years of waxing, plucking, and just plain getting older, my eyebrows had gotten very sparse and my right brow had absolutely no tail. I learned about microblading by accident as I was searching for a makeup artist to do my wedding makeup. I found Marina Sizova on Wedding Wire and as I was... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent Makeup

My brows have always been "off" and not quite symmetrical. I have patches where hair hasn't grown in and it's always bothered me. So, I've been researching permanent eyebrow tattooing and have been stalking Heidi Carney's work for about 2 years. Then I realized she does her work at Dr. Connors... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattoo Took off 5 Years! - Calgary, AB

My sister sent me a link to "cinnamon girl" here in Calgary. I went in for a consultation November of 2015 and was too scared to even think properly let alone get any tattooing done. I regretfully left with no eyebrows. Now it's important to understand that I have very little hair everywhere... READ MORE

Micro Blading Three Days into It - Wakefield, MA

I first heard of micro blading from the program "The doctors". My hair is very blonde, and over the years my eyebrows became very fine. I did my homework and found a salon in Wakefield Massachusetts called Blink salon and spa. She, Clarice Mac Donald. Sat me down as we went through step... READ MORE

Microblading - Cali, CO

I did Microblading( feather stroke , 3d brows) in Cali, Colombia. The lady who did my brows is absolutely amazing. I didn't really have any brows or a shape and she did the Micro Blading on me and it came out gorgeous. I am sooooo happy with how it came out. Not only did she do my brows but she... READ MORE

Correction to Bad Eye Brow Permanent Make Up, Very Satisfied , Amal Microblading- Montreal, QC

I had a terrible experience with a different plac ein montrel , which gave me aterrible shape of brows, I wanted to get them corrected but i was very concerned due to my bad expeirence. Thru research I discovered the services of Amal, was very impressed with the pictures of her work , that... READ MORE

Microblading - Baltimore, MD

I found Ladonna and the babe spa on Yelp. I have always had eyebrows that didn't grow thick enough at the ends so I decided to do this. I went to her website and booked an appointment. One issue with booking online is you have to pay upfront and the website says cancellations can only be mad... READ MORE

Microblading My Brows - Yes. Technician - No - Calgary, AB

In hindsight, I should have cancelled that appointment at the moment that my intuition told me that something was not quite right. I had thought that I had done my research and took great care to pay attention to the photos and reviews that were provided by people, but I guess that a part of me... READ MORE

Love my Microblade Brows - Bridgeville, PA

I had my first permanent make up done about 15 years ago on my eyebrows. The person who did it made them uneven. One side was always darker than the other. The shape was mismatched. I made a couple more attempts over the years to correct them. Those corrections faded over time too. This... READ MORE

Microblading Eyebrows! - Winnipeg, MB

I had my eye brows microbladed at The First Glance by Jackie. I am naturally blonde but normally have my hair a darker brown (right now its red) I'm constantly having to draw on my eye brows and can never get them quite right. I really wanted something that would be minimal work, especially for... READ MORE

Brow Hate - Rhode Island, RI

Let me start by saying I've researched this a million times and yet everything I knew and was supposed to check flew out the window as I genuinely put all of my trust in my esthetician. My eyebrows are way too dark. They don't even match my brow pencil I've been using for years and look... READ MORE

Terrible Microblading Experience & How to Fade Freshly Microbladed Brows - Sydney, AU

My reasoning for having a spontaneous microblading session: 1) Lush brows are in right now 2) It only lasts for a year so I don't have to commit to it The horror that ensued after this rash decision: brows where the hair strokes are literally diagonal- so unnatural that no amount of natural... READ MORE

Permanent Microbladed Eyebrows and Eyeliner - Chico, CA

I can't say enough great things! I drive an hour and a half, from Sacramento, to have my permanent makeup done by Michelle, and I wouldn't think of going to anyone else! It's all about trust, and Michelle is someone who you can trust to do the best work. My eyebrows look so natural people don't... READ MORE

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