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Can a Crater Deformity Be Fixed After Gynecomastia?

Is there anyway to fix a crater deformity from a bad gynecomastia surgery? My nipple and area around it sinks in when I raise or flex my arm. I do not... READ MORE

What Procedure Would You Follow to Correct my Post Op Gynecomastia Crater Deformity (Pics Included)

My doctor did was I feared he was going to do, which was remove too much (or ALL) of the gynecomastia. I had Bilateral gynecomastia surgery that left... READ MORE

Crater Deformity After Gynecomastia, Would a Revision Fix this? (photo)

Hello, I had gynecomastia surgery performed when i was 12 im now 26 it wasn't done by a plastic surgeon and i feel getting it doin at that age... READ MORE

Can a Crater Deformity Be Fixed After Gynecomastia by Going to Gym?

When i bend my nipples and my chest sink. can be fixed by going to gym? READ MORE

Crater deformity after gynecomastia surgery: repair with fat graft or fat flap? (photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery (excision+lipo) on the right chest about 6 months ago(already the revision of a prior surgery) that left me with crater... READ MORE

Do I have a crater deformity after gyno surgery? (4 weeks post-op) (Photo)

4 weeks ago I got gyno surgery, I noticed that on the left side of my chest, right under my nipple was quite depressed compared to the right! It's... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Crater & Bodyfat %?

I had gyno surgery about 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure I have a crater on both pecs, although my doc disagrees and just says I have a muscular upper... READ MORE

Gyno Crater Defect Better over Time?

I had gyno surgey 5 weeks ago. It appears I have a crater deformity on both sides. My doctor doesn't think I do and says it's normal. He didn't take... READ MORE

Is it a crater deformity from gynecomastia surgery? (photos)

I had gynecomastia surgery 7 days ago and I know it's too early to notice some change but now I have noticed the area above my nipple on the right... READ MORE

Getting crater from gyno surgery fix with fat transfer. What is the average down time? (photos)

I had gyno surgery 4 years ago. Lipo and gland removal. Since then Ive been left with a crater in my left chest when I flex or raise my arm. Im... READ MORE

8 Days Post OP, is this crater deformity/nipple inversion? (photos)

My doctor used lipo to remove excess fats and incision around the nipple to take out the glands. Since day 1 post op I noticed huge craters under both... READ MORE

Will leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue after gynecomastia surgery become a complication?

I understand that the purpose of leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue helps prevent crater deformities. But wouldn't that small amount of... READ MORE

Crater in my nipple. Any help? (Photo)

So the day i went to have the stitches removed i noticed that the tape on my left nipples irritated & had a layer of greenish/yellow pus on it. So the... READ MORE

What should I do about this crater on my left pec? (photos)

I am now 11 months post-op. I had a revision a few months ago where he stitched it up to where it would tighter on my chest and this is the result...... READ MORE

What can be done to fix the crater I have after gyno surgery? (Photo)

What can be done to fix the crater I have after gyno surgery? I had surgery 4 years ago (Lipo / gland removed) and when I flex or raise my arm my left... READ MORE

Gynecomastia crater deformity. Nipple stuck to muscle or too much gland removal? (Photo)

Hello, I had gland/lipo removal 2 years ago. When I raise my arm the nipple goes in a bit. When I tense my muscle I get a horizontal line and the... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post Gynecomastia and I have a crater. Will it improve? (Photo)

Hello, I had surgery 6 days ago. My left side is really swollen but my right side isn't bad at all and I flexed my pectoral in the mirror and the... READ MORE

How can I fix this crater from gynecomastia surgery 2 years ago? (Photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery a few years back and my left nipple is sinking in. I thought eventually it would go away but it hasn't and now I want it... READ MORE

Nipple crater after gynecomastia surgery. Is there a way to fix it permanently? (Photo)

Hey it's been almost a year since my operation. 10 months to be exact. As you can see ive got a nipple crater on my right nipple, im also not happy... READ MORE

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