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Can a Crater Deformity Be Fixed After Gynecomastia?

Is there anyway to fix a crater deformity from a bad gynecomastia surgery? My nipple and area around it sinks in when I raise or flex my arm. I do not... READ MORE

What Procedure Would You Follow to Correct my Post Op Gynecomastia Crater Deformity (Pics Included)

My doctor did was I feared he was going to do, which was remove too much (or ALL) of the gynecomastia. I had Bilateral gynecomastia surgery that left... READ MORE

Crater Deformity After Gynecomastia, Would a Revision Fix this? (photo)

Hello, I had gynecomastia surgery performed when i was 12 im now 26 it wasn't done by a plastic surgeon and i feel getting it doin at that age... READ MORE

Can a Crater Deformity Be Fixed After Gynecomastia by Going to Gym?

When i bend my nipples and my chest sink. can be fixed by going to gym? READ MORE

Crater deformity after gynecomastia surgery: repair with fat graft or fat flap? (photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery (excision+lipo) on the right chest about 6 months ago(already the revision of a prior surgery) that left me with crater... READ MORE

Do I have a crater deformity after gyno surgery? (4 weeks post-op) (Photo)

4 weeks ago I got gyno surgery, I noticed that on the left side of my chest, right under my nipple was quite depressed compared to the right! It's... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Crater & Bodyfat %?

I had gyno surgery about 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure I have a crater on both pecs, although my doc disagrees and just says I have a muscular upper... READ MORE

Gyno Crater Defect Better over Time?

I had gyno surgey 5 weeks ago. It appears I have a crater deformity on both sides. My doctor doesn't think I do and says it's normal. He didn't take... READ MORE

Is it a crater deformity from gynecomastia surgery? (photos)

I had gynecomastia surgery 7 days ago and I know it's too early to notice some change but now I have noticed the area above my nipple on the right... READ MORE

Getting crater from gyno surgery fix with fat transfer. What is the average down time? (photos)

I had gyno surgery 4 years ago. Lipo and gland removal. Since then Ive been left with a crater in my left chest when I flex or raise my arm. Im... READ MORE

8 Days Post OP, is this crater deformity/nipple inversion? (photos)

My doctor used lipo to remove excess fats and incision around the nipple to take out the glands. Since day 1 post op I noticed huge craters under both... READ MORE

Will leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue after gynecomastia surgery become a complication?

I understand that the purpose of leaving behind a small amount of glandular tissue helps prevent crater deformities. But wouldn't that small amount of... READ MORE

Crater in my nipple. Any help? (Photo)

So the day i went to have the stitches removed i noticed that the tape on my left nipples irritated & had a layer of greenish/yellow pus on it. So the... READ MORE

Gynecomastia crater deformity. Nipple stuck to muscle or too much gland removal? (Photo)

Hello, I had gland/lipo removal 2 years ago. When I raise my arm the nipple goes in a bit. When I tense my muscle I get a horizontal line and the... READ MORE

Crater correction after Gynecomastia surgery?

I'm 2 years post gyno op (unilateral, breast removal, no fat). A few months after the surgery a crater started to form. It didn't improve by itself.... READ MORE

What can be done to fix the crater I have after gyno surgery? (Photo)

What can be done to fix the crater I have after gyno surgery? I had surgery 4 years ago (Lipo / gland removed) and when I flex or raise my arm my left... READ MORE

What should I do about this crater on my left pec? (photos)

I am now 11 months post-op. I had a revision a few months ago where he stitched it up to where it would tighter on my chest and this is the result...... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post Gynecomastia and I have a crater. Will it improve? (Photo)

Hello, I had surgery 6 days ago. My left side is really swollen but my right side isn't bad at all and I flexed my pectoral in the mirror and the... READ MORE

How can I fix this crater from gynecomastia surgery 2 years ago? (Photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery a few years back and my left nipple is sinking in. I thought eventually it would go away but it hasn't and now I want it... READ MORE

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