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Facelift work going downhill fast!

Just on week 8 now and I'm becoming more and more disappointed. After going through the swelling and pain its been downhill since week 3. At work its really noticeable under the studio lights and today we were outside and could see my reflection in the building windows. Its been a struggle for... READ MORE

52 and Heading to Slovakia for Surgery

Wow, I'm super excited! Flights and surgery booked for 31st May - I can't believe it's happening ????. I'm going to Slovakia with New Look holidays and my surgeon is Oleg Turkin. I've read fabulous reviews and so far the service has been brilliant. I'm having: MACS, SMAS muscle tightening,... READ MORE

MACS Facelift with Neck Lift and Fat Tranfer to Cheeks - Oshkosh, WI

I've hated my profile and hidden my face/neck since I was 18 years old and had my senior photos done. It's a family trait and gets worse as we age. I recently lost a fair amount of weight which made my face sag even more and I have always looked tired and sad or angry. After my divorce I... READ MORE

39 Year Old Female Refusing to "Age Gracefully"

I had a Macs lift and Breast Augmentation with Dr Vermeulen around 6 months ago. Macs lift was combined with fat grafting under my eyes to get rid of hollowness. I turned 39 and felt really upset by the changes happening in my facial appearance. I was ageing much faster in the last year and... READ MORE

60th Birthday Present to Myself - Saint Louis, MO

I have great skin, but the saggy face was the only thing about me that wasn't going to get any better. I am eager for a change. I'm the first in my circle to do this; my female friends are all buzzing. I'm doing this because my face looks sad and grim when I am not. I had lipo on my potbelly in... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience!

I've been a patient of Dr Treece for many years so when I decided to have the surgical procedure called the MACS facelift I knew I was in the best of hands. Dr Treece and his staff were amazing form beginning to end. The procedure was easy and I'm so very pleased with the results. READ MORE

60 Yrs Old, MACS Lift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Blepheroplasty, Fat Graft - South Korea

Have travelled from Australia to The Grand Clinic Seoul to have my face rejuvenated. Surgery was a few days ago, I am just staying in my hotel room At the Dormy Inn Premium which is next door to the clinic in trendy GangNam, Seoul. I initially thought I would have MACS and neck lift, but after... READ MORE

Bad results MacsLift, Neck, Fat Transfer all TWICE by Dr. Larry Lickstein at Belcara Health

I am really embarrassed of my neck, so I made an appointment with a surgeon at the same practice where I had my breast augmentation. I spoke with him about having a neck lift. However, he suggested a Macs Lift. He said it would not only correct my neck but would address my sagging... READ MORE

Much Needed Fix for my Neck! - Medford, OR

I have always had a double chin for as long as I can remember. I recently lost quite a bit of weight and while the double chin was gone the excess skin on my neck was looking like a turkey neck! I had inquired about liposuction on my neck years ago when I had gotten a tummy tuck and never went... READ MORE

20 Years Younger, MACS Lift - Mexico, MX

I came to Cancun for a MACS lift. I wondered if I made the right decision, foreign country, unknown surgeon. What was I thinking? I did my best to research everything including speaking to a prior patient. I went ahead and I AM SO HAPPY I DID. It¨s a month post surgery now and I am very pleased.... READ MORE

63 Years Old, Wanting a Face Lift...got a MACS instead - Netherlands

It was the spring of 2012 and I was thinking the time had come to get a face lift. My throat looked wrinkled, my jaws did not sweep upward with a nice unbroken line and my face had lost that "heart" shape. Decided to visit Dr. Erik Laban in the Velthuis Kliniek, Hilversum, Netherlands. I had... READ MORE

MACS Facelift - Severe Damage - Providence, RI

Had an MACS facelift with Dr. Edstrom. Due to his inexperience in this type of facelift and negligence, I can no longer have another face or neck lift performed again. Dr Edstrom hid the fact that severe damage to the under layers and structure of my skin during the procedure. He was... READ MORE

51 Year old had a MACS Facelift. Glendale, AZ

I lost 44 pounds last year and have maintained my weight. I eat healthy and exercise plus walk 3 miles a day. After losing a lot of weight, I ended up with a huge turkey neck. My face looked my age, but my neck looked 80! I completely lost any curvature to my neck as well. (see before... READ MORE

Dr Van Den Berge: Face, Neck, Brow, Eyes & Laughlines Laser! -Belgium

Hi girls!! I'm six months after my facelift with Dr Van Den Berge and Dr Vermeulen. I got an extended MACS lift which includes upper. lower bleph, brows, the MACS lift itself and the neck. Only posting photos now!! :) Oh yeah, I chose them cos' thats where the MACS lift was invented. Cost... READ MORE

Facelift & upper Bleph for Hereditary Problems - Cincinnati, OH

I'm 43yrs old. I have had droopy eyes and a double chin most of my life regardless of my weight, even got made fun of for it as a kid. The biggest I have ever been was at the beginning of this year at a size 12. I've lost 45lbs this year and now on top of the double chin/jowls, I have a... READ MORE

MACS Lift, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift and Fat Graft to Cheeks Plus Botox for 11' Lines. -Sydney, AU

I am 50 years old and have lost about 20 lbs during the last 3 years. I have jowls, droopy eyelids and brows and my cheeks are flat with deep tear trough lines. I am often told by people that I look tired, sad or angry even when I had a good nights sleep. I particularly dislike the jowls.... READ MORE

Poor Results :( - Palm Harbor, FL

My jowls and chin have bothered me for years. Having lost 45 pounds I had even more sagging than before. I had gotten fillers two years prior which really helped. I went in to get fillers again and the injector convinced my that a MAC lift was more what I needed. She said the fillers would... READ MORE

MACS Facelift with Fat Transfer in The Philippines - Philippines, PH

I am a 61 year old woman who wanted to fix sagging around the mouth and loss of fullness in my cheeks. At present I am 28 days post a MACS facelift and fat transfer injections performed in Manila in the Philippines by Dr Rino Lorenzo. I had investigated having the procedure done in Australia... READ MORE

So Happy - Stockton, CA

I don't know if I am posting under the correct heading. I had a Macs lift one month ago. I am so very happy with how my face & neck look. I think this procedure has taken 20 years off my face. I used to look in the mirror and cringe. Now I look in the mirror and smile. There was definitely... READ MORE

I Gave Myself a 65th Birthday Present. A Facelift and Upper Bleph. It Feels Soooooo Good - Chicago, IL

I had a facelift when I was 50 with a lower bleph, a forehead lift, and chin implant. At 65 I was seeing changes in my face that really bothered me. It came on rather suddenly. One day, out of the blue, I said I am going to do something about that. It was right around my 65th birthday. I... READ MORE

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