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I Am Looking at "Tickle" Lipo for Next Week. Weight Gain From Prednisone?

Have never had any type of reconstructive/cosmetic surgery, but am 5'7" and was a size 4/6 my entire life... last year, was on prednisone for... READ MORE

Back and love handles swelling after liposuction. What's the best treatment to reduce the swelling and fluid build up?

I just had liposuction a week ago on the love handles, lower and mid back, and a tuck of the mid back loose skin rolls. I was given a Prednisone pack... READ MORE

Is Liposuction okay w/o post op meds (steroid-prednisone) ??

Liposuction w/o post op steroid for swelling okay?? I have a heavy intolerance/interaction with the prednisone prescribed post op for lipo. My doc... READ MORE

Please help! I had lipo and reduction. I started Prednisone today. What is this? (Photo)

I had lipo and reduction. I'm cleaning allergic to something. I started Prednisone today. What is this?? It's worse at night! READ MORE

Can I get lipo/TummyTuck/panniculectomy like this or do I have to lose more weight? (Photos)

I used to be 300 lbs.. lost over 150lbs once I had gastric bypass and was at a good weight, but was left with a lot of loose skin. After that weight... READ MORE

Can prednisone cause permanent love handles? (Photo)

I tried fixing it with fasting from 8PM - 10AM, I do a high intensity training or a 5km run while fasted just before breakfast and kickboxing just... READ MORE

Lipo worked great, 5 months later, I have more fat than pre-op?

I went from 129# to 170 after taking prednisone for a head injury. I began seeing a weight management physician, started Phentermine and a 900-1200... READ MORE

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