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Bathing After Lipo- Dr. Said to Keep It To Body Temp, Why Is This?

I'm three weeks post op from lipo (lower abs, thighs, hips) and dying for a hot bath. My doctor tells me that bathing is fine now, but nothing... READ MORE

What Does a Warm and Burning Feeling Mean After Lipo?

6 weeks ago I had a Tummy Tuck and a back liposuction. my back still stiff is loosing up little by little, but when I lay down I wake up with the... READ MORE

Why do I have a hot fluid build up after liposuction?

I have a lot of fluid build up after liposuction to abdominal area back and flanks my body feels Hot...... READ MORE

Why after 4 weeks of flank Lipo would an incision look like this? (Photo)

Very hot and really painful. It's a hard lump and leaking lots. READ MORE

Could I have a hematoma on my outer thigh/hip after Liposuction? (photos)

Can this possibly be a hematoma. I had a tummy tuck, and liposuction on my outer thighs/hips and my right side is hard l, painful and always hot to... READ MORE

I am two weeks post surgery on Thursday. I notice that some days my stomach is hot or very warm to the touch?

I take my temp to check for a fever and it's usually normal. What's the reason for the hot stomach? Is that normal? READ MORE

I'm day 6 post lipo of the upper arms, abdomen, inner thighs. My abdomen is swelling, hot, painful, red & purple. Is it normal?

I'm day 6 post op for liposuction of the upper arms, abdomen, inner thighs. Besides soreness in thighs and arms I'm ok with the healing process but my... READ MORE

Had Liposuction 7 days ago, and the mons pubis area is hard and hot to the touch, is this normal?

Had a full tummy tuck, lypo on flanks and pubis everything seems ok but my pubic area is very hard numb and hot to the touch ? Im 7 days post op ....... READ MORE

I am 12 weeks post liposuction - is hot skin normal?

I just stopped wearing the compression garment all together. I notice the skin on my abdomen (where I had smart lipo) is hot to the touch. It isn't... READ MORE

After Tummy Tuck and Lipo, 3 weeks later I got hot on the left side and sciatic pain, should I be concerned?

I am swimmer and surfer and yoga I was my Excierse, I never had back or sciatic I can not believe the pain from 1 to 10 worst is 10 my is 40 I... READ MORE

Liposuction 6 weeks ago and it's still hot to touch. 2 post ops and was told "it's part of the process." Is this correct?

I had liposuction on one thigh 6 weeks ago. It is still hot to touch. Im worried that's something is going wrong. It is also hard and swollen but not... READ MORE

Skin hot to the touch. What could this be? (Photo)

I had lipo on my arms 12/27/16. My left arm had a very bad looking scar afterwards but it has healed now. A few times I've notice a very hot feeling... READ MORE

My lipo scars on my back from over 2 yrs ago from time to time swell up & hurt really bad. My skin gets hot. Any suggestion?

Why do they get like that and what will be a solution I am in the process of looking for a Plastic surgeon in NYC, also for my dog ears PLEASE HELP READ MORE

Is it normal to feel this weak after cellfina and liposuction?

Feeling weak after cellfina procedure on my thighs and liposuction on my back. Its been 3 days post op. But when I get up I feel very dizzy and weak... READ MORE

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