What Does a Warm and Burning Feeling Mean After Lipo?

6 weeks ago I had a Tummy Tuck and a back liposuction. my back still stiff is loosing up little by little, but when I lay down I wake up with the feeling that my back is on fire and it feel so hot.

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Warm and burning feelings after liposuction.

Most likely what you are experiencing is the reawakening of the nerves in the area of liposuction.  During the surgery, the nerves running through the area are "bruised" by the cannula as it passes back and forth.  The nerves  temporarily don't work but gradually they begin to recover their function, and when they do, patients can experience many different feelings, such as warm/hot, electric shocks, tingling, buzzing, etc.  This may take several months to fully resolve, but should gradually. 

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Liopsuction and sensations

At 6 weeks after liposuction you may be experiencing the  nerves re-awakening.  If the back is red or you are febrile, then you should probably go see your doctor to rule out an infection.

Steven Wallach, MD
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What Does a Warm and Burning Feeling Mean After Lipo?

That is all normal, it is the nerves that were bruised during the surgery coming back to their normal function and the are a little irritated is all.

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Sensations after Liposuction?

At this point in your recovery  you are probably experiencing return of nerve function;  sometimes the sensation can be irritating and even painful. If you're concerned and/or having other symptoms of visit with your plastic surgeon may be helpful to you.

Best wishes.

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