Bathing After Lipo- Dr. Said to Keep It To Body Temp, Why Is This?

I'm three weeks post op from lipo (lower abs, thighs, hips) and dying for a hot bath. My doctor tells me that bathing is fine now, but nothing hotter than body temp water. Any idea what the issue is with a hot bath? How long are hot baths off limits?

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Bathing After Lipo- Dr. Said to Keep It To Body Temp, Why Is This?

At times doctors will limit the hot baths until 4-6 weeks as the patient is still healing and could be slightly dehydrated and a hot bath can lower your blood pressure in cases of dehydration and make you dizzy.

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Bathing after Liposuction?

It is likely that your plastic surgeon wants you to avoid accidental burning of the skin,  since areas treated with liposuction can be numb for several months.

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Bathing After Lipo- Dr. Said to Keep It To Body Temp, Why Is This?

It is normal to have some numb areas after Lipo (and many procedures actually) so you need to be a little careful with hot water, heating pads ect. till all of your sensation returns!

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Hot baths after lipo

The advice below is exactly right. You may have numb spots. And you can burn yourself unwittingly. Ensure you check the bath temperature with your hands to make sure it's not too hot for around 4 weeks post lipo. Good luck

Bathing after surgery

While we do not know the particulars of your individual situation, my guess is that you are still recovering and my have some numbness as the nerves are healing.  As such, it is important that you are very careful about the temperature of the water so that you do not accidentally burn yourself.


Good Luck.

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