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What can be done about my buffalo hump? (Photo)

I'm a 26 year old female. 150lbs and 5"7. The hump is getting larger, and I want to know my options to remove it. READ MORE

Is Liposuction of the Buffalo Hump Dangerous?

I am considering this procedure in addition to chin liposuction. As ive gotten older in combination with larger breasts, the buffalo hump and bad... READ MORE

How to remove this buffalo hump naturally and safely? (Photo)

What cause a buffalo hump? And how to remove it naturally and safely? I don't take any medicines and i have no disease. READ MORE

Approximately How Much Will It Cost for Liposuction of Upper Back "Buffalo Hump" Area?

I have had this for as long as I can remember and just recently became aware that cosmetic surgery offers a solution in lipo. It is genetic in my case... READ MORE

Buffalo Hump Removal: Unable to Locate Experienced Surgeon in My Area

I am female, 31 years, 5'5", 125 lbs. and have a hereditary "buffalo hump." Several family members, including my mother, also have this deformity. I... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Cost of Lipo and Fat Transfer?

My husband and I have been talking about this for a few years.. I don't like my the way my body looks I have a large spare tire and fat on my back... READ MORE

Buffalo hump removal, looking for the right doctor!

I'm specifically looking for a surgeon who has done several surgeries for buffalo hump removal. I would also get other area done. I'm based in Alberta... READ MORE

What Are the Tests That Are Usually Needed Before Having a Buffalo Hump Removal?

Good day, Doctors... I am planning to remove my familial buffalo hump... my question is ; what are the tests that are usually needed before doing such... READ MORE

I have a buffalo hump and I want to get it removed.

I also have scleroderma and a kidney transplant. Are there any options for this to be done safely with my health issues? READ MORE

I was told I could have my buffalo hump removed, but now doctors are saying that nothing that can be done. Is this true?

I first developed this hump when I was 9 and the doctors thought it was side effects from the medication that I was taking, so they changed my... READ MORE

Buffalo Hump Removal. Is there an Experienced Surgeon in GA? (Photo)

I'm 27 and I've had a liposuction 4 years ago but didn't work. The surgeon said I have much of connective fibrous tissue. Then here in Ga a surgeon... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Laser or Vaser for Buffalo Hump?

 as I would like to avoid a scar - and actual surgery - do you think that I should attempt to find a physician who uses Laser or Vaser? Can I ask... READ MORE

I have a sort of buffalo hump between my shoulders just below the base of my neck. Can this be removed with liposuction? (photo)

I do not have cushings, I believe I inherited this from my mother because she has a hump that's the exact same shape and in the exact same location.... READ MORE

How do I get compression on the dorsocercical fat pad area?

I had laser 5 days ago for buffalo hump removal. It looked great after the procedure and looks more swollen now. I don't have a compression garment... READ MORE

Any doctors in NJ that perform posterior neck fat pad removal? (photos)

I have a pad of fat on the back of my neck, sometimes referred to as a "buffalo hump." After doing some of my own research, I think I should be... READ MORE

What can I do about this buffalo Hump growing in my back?

I need it gone. Its making me more and more insecure...... READ MORE

Can you get it all done at once? (Photo)

I'm thinking liposuction on my stomach/ tummy tuck/ lipo on my buffalo hump / back. And upper legs/ hips..... The question is can I get it all done at... READ MORE

Will liposuction work to get rid of my buffalo hump?

I have a pretty big buffalo hump and it's caused by some medicine that I'm on. It is actually effecting my life and self esteem and mental state on... READ MORE

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