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Bleeding after liposuction?

I just got my upper abs, lower abs, hips, and waist done and I'm leaking a lot but when I touched my clothes my hands got covered in blood. I'm a... READ MORE

Hematoma from Internal Bleeding After Liposuction, Will It Internally Scar?

I have a hematoma left from liposuction. It was large and has been drained numerous times. Will the bleeding internally cause scarring? Some scarring... READ MORE

Can liposuction cause hemorroids?

I am 4 weeks post op and for the last few weeks I have been bleeding during bowel movements lots of blood in toliet. Can this be from the liposuction?... READ MORE

Do I Still Have Blood-tinged Anesthetic 2 Months Post-op?

It's been 2 1/2 months since I hap lipo for my abs and neck. THey look exactly the same still. My doctor said it's swollen fat, but I kind of... READ MORE

What is normal after Liposuction?

I had lipo 4 days ago to my waist, stomach, flanks and upper back. I have been wearing the garment except when I take a quick shower. My waist looks... READ MORE

Bleeding on my Stomach 2 Weeks Post-op

I had liposuction on my stomach and it was really bruised. They told me to cover it with gauze and tape it down. Well when I was removing the gauze... READ MORE

Immediately After Lipo Should the Lipo Spot Be Covered or Left Open to Ooze out Fluid or Bandaged?

Got my thighs lipo today and oozing a lot of blood?shd it be bandaged or left open to ooze out as much as possible.plz advice READ MORE

Best to have Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift before or after menstrual cycle?

If I had the choice to pick the date, which one would be better before or after? I heard that you bruise or bleed more if you have the surgery before... READ MORE

My skin is sore, bleeding and starts to "open up" after mons pubis lipo, is this normal? (Photo)

I did lipo on my mons 1 week ago. Two days ago I noticed small wounds in the area where it's the most swollen and blue. Small drops of blood came out,... READ MORE

How long will bleeding continue from your incision areas once lipo is done on the hips and flanks?

How long will bleeding continue from your incision areas once lipo is done on the hips and flanks? Will is be a susbstantial amount, will changing be... READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Have a Whole Bunch of Liposuction Incisions Without Stitches or Sutures?

I didn't realize that surgery was done this way, to just let a bunch of bloody incisions bleed for days and just keep changing the wet, bloody... READ MORE

I have lumps after liposuction. Can it be fixed?

This was my second time having liposuction, the first time i had lip I remained with a lump the Dr tried to fix it now i have several lump, definitely... READ MORE

Is there anyway to stop the itching after adominal and flank liposuction?

I had 5.2 L of fat removed from adomen & flanks. I'm on day 6. Bleeding has stopped. I have a swelling, numbness, & A LOT OF ITCHING. I used some... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce the blood bruises on my back?Sleep on tummy instead (also a treated area)? Ice? Heat? Pillow? (photo)

I had lipo on Mon & I was supposed to have my stomach, upper hips, upper arms, thighs & back done. (arms & back weren't done - assuming... READ MORE

Minor Bleeding Post-Op Lipo, should I be worried?

I had liposuction about 4 days ago now. I drained the tumescent fluid for the first 48 hours, and after that it stopped. However, one incision hole... READ MORE

Rivaroxaban (warfarin) before lipo?

I am having a lipo and bbl surgery in 5 days and my INR came too low so my doctor told me to take rivaroxaban 10mg two days before surgery. Is this... READ MORE

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