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Liposuction Safe for a Healthy 71 Year Old?

Is Liposuction on inner thighs and saddle bags safe for a 71-year-old woman who has no health problems nor takes any medication? READ MORE

I Am 69 and Getting Lower / Upper Abs and Flanks Done, Should I be Concerned About Sagging, Wrinkling Skin? (photo)

I am having upper, lower abs and flanks done next month. As you may see from my pictures, I do have extra 'flab' on my upper arms and inner... READ MORE

Age Factor in Lipo? (photo)

Since I'm 65 and obviously don't have skin elasticity of younger person, was wondering if lipo will work or leave me lumpy and saggy where fat is now? READ MORE

At 65 with Loose Abdominal Skin and a Fat Tummy, Will Lipo Help Me? (photo)

I'm 65 in good health, 5'5", 137lbs but I've always had a fat tummy. I really can't afford a tummy tuck but what is a mini tummy tuck? Will Lipo be... READ MORE

Neck Arteries Blockage - Can I Still Have Liposuction?

I have neck blockage left 60% and right 70% could I still have a stomach and chin liposuction done. I am 65 years old do have BP high and cholestertol... READ MORE

Decreasing Bulges Under Bra-Line & Is Lipo Good Choice for Over-65 Person? (photo)

1st quest: Can midriff bulges be pulled up into incisions during breast reduct/lift & back/bra fat removal surgs? Dr Zwiren said "Lipo may work..... READ MORE

The Cost for Minimal Liposuction of Belly Fat?

6'2, 205 lbs, 67 y o male in good physical condition. READ MORE

Can You Have an Upper Belly Fat Pad Removed at the Same Time As a TT Without Using Lipo?

I have a rather large abdomen with loose skin, a roll/fat pad above the belly button and fat on my flanks. (I'm 65, 5'5", 137 lbs). The surgeon... READ MORE

Is And Active 65 Too Old For Lipo? (belly)

Is And Active 65 Too Old For Lipo? (belly) READ MORE

Lipo is not for weight loss, but why not remove my saddlebags to reduce hip pain so I can exercise for weight loss?

I have hip pain/arthritis that makes it difficult to walk. I have saddlebags that I KNOW are putting pressure on the hip joint - when I lift the... READ MORE

I am a full figured older woman. Can I still get liposuction? (Photo)

I gained a lot of baby weight with two pregnancies; I had first child at 29. I've been full figured for a long time. I'm active, not athletic. I'm... READ MORE

Liposuction for 65 Year Old Man Who Has Trouble Walking?

Hi, My dad is in India. He weighs 300+ pounds. He has hard time walking because of Lymphedema which he is getting treated but because of that he has... READ MORE

66 Year Old Female - What Are the Pre-Lipo Rules?

I am 66 years old. Want a flat tummy. Is there any rules before lipo? Like smoking, coffee? Are you asleep? Fear of pain. READ MORE

Average cost of abdominal lipo alone and the cost of lipo with tummy tuck?

I really want to get rid of my overhanging belly fat that's only getting worse. I'm 5'2 and weigh 115 lbs and I'm happy with the rest of my body at... READ MORE

Being 67 years old, removing fat is what I'm interested in.

After the fat is removed, at my age, what happens to the skin, it is not young enough to spring back, if I were to get any type of treatment wouldn't... READ MORE

I'm a 74 year old in good health who has birthed two children. Am I too old to contemplate liposuction of the abdomen? (Photos)

Are there additional risks I should consider because of my age? Can most of this excess fat be safely removed? Since this is an elective procedure,... READ MORE

If I have Liposuction on back, waist, stomach & thighs. Can I transfer some of the fat to improve the shape of my buttocks?

I´m 65 years old 5ft,2 and weigh 133 pounds (64kgs) good skin tone. just had face lift . My aim is not a huge Brazilin Butt, I just would like to to ... READ MORE

Wondering if I should have surgery to get rid of excess fat on my stomach?

I am 71 with excess fat on my stomach, gave birth to four children, and have diabetes controlled with medication. Exercise and diet doesn't help. READ MORE

Would like to reconstruct a bulging stomach, and like information on various options? (photos)

I am 65 years old. At around age 60 I lost my waist, and my stomach appears to resemble a woman who is 4 months pregnant. I am hyperthyroid. I am... READ MORE

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