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Liposuction Swelling - How Long Until It Goes Down?

I had my saddlebags removed six weeks ago and one of them looks lumpy and looks like if I have something in there that moves. I also had liposuction... READ MORE

Why Don't I See Any Difference in my Body 6 Weeks After Liposuction and Why Am I Heavier on the Scales? (photo)

I had tumescent liposuction on my abdomen, flanks, hips and waist 6 weeks ago. I am still swollen today and have read that nearly 80% of the swelling... READ MORE

Is a burning sensation on my skin after lipo normal? What will help it feel better?

Now I'm six weeks post op I must say I do look fabulous still bumps and little dents but I see the differance in my abdominal stomach and back rolls.... READ MORE

What Does a Warm and Burning Feeling Mean After Lipo?

6 weeks ago I had a Tummy Tuck and a back liposuction. my back still stiff is loosing up little by little, but when I lay down I wake up with the... READ MORE

Six Weeks after Liposuction and I Dont See Any Results, Normal?

I had both upper and lower abdomen and flanks done six weeks ago i have yet to see any results! I still have some numbness and lumps. Is thisNormal? READ MORE

Lower Abs Extremely Hard and Lumpy After Lipo

Had my lipo done about 6 weeks ago. My lower abs are extremely hard, lumpy, and uneven. When does this usually subside? How long should I wait before... READ MORE

Swelling 6 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op from mid-back roll liposuction and am getting a bit frusterated with the swelling an healing cycle. One morning I wake up looking... READ MORE

I have lumps and uneven abdomen after circumference ultrasonic lipo. Is this normal? (photos)

Almost 6 weeks post op after having ultrasonic lipo, my abdomen feels lumpy and uneven. I had a medium size seroma on the lower left abdomen that had... READ MORE

Feeling Like I'm Taking 2 Steps Back Rather Than Forward. More So I Am Seeing Any Benefit from Lipo? (photo)

6 Weeks PO on 12/31 and I'm 5"2. Was 125 PO and jumping between 121-125 in last few weeks. Feel like I still have a lot of fat in flanks and thighs... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post-Op Lipo, Love Handles are Uneven, was Not Enough Fat Removed? (photo)

Had Lipo done on lower abs, love handles, and back 6.5 weeks ago. The love handles are uneven. Everything else seems to be healing fine...Do you think... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Lipo Abs, Flanks, Inner Thighs and Back, Was Told I Was Fibrous After my Surgery. What Does That Mean?

Large knots under the skin 6 weeks after ab, flank lipo. Biggest problem is abs. Bumpy lower ab, when compression garmet is removed. Scars from burns... READ MORE

Hard & painful lumps after liposuction…how to resolve..what is it? (photo)

I Had liposuction october 18th. I Wore the garnet faithfully for one week, and continued for a little over a month. There were a few nights i would... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Uneven Lipo? (photo)

I had traditional lipo 6 weeks ago and these are my results... not good. My doctor says I need to massage the scar tissue but nothing is helping. What... READ MORE

Flanks Abdomen Lipo 42 Days Ago. Still a Bit Numb at Waist Line. Normal?

Had Flanks and Abdomen Lipo 42 days ago. Had general anesthesia and stitches . I was wearing compression garment and a foam pad for 37 days. I'm Still... READ MORE

How would I treat a Seroma that has turned into scar tissue on my abdomen? (photo)

I'm just about 6 wks po and have developed a seroma almost immediately after the drains were removed. The fluid was drained daily for about three... READ MORE

Hard Lump 6 Weeks After Liposuction That Only Gets Bigger, Normal?

6 weeks after tummy lipo, I developed a hard lump next to my navel the size of half a ping pong ball. In 24 hours, it had more than doubled in size... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op Liposuction Uneven Flanks and Swelling and Bloating?

I'm 6 weeks post op liposuction of my abs, flanks, hips, inner thighs. I also had breast revision to correct my cc and exchange for bigger breasts.... READ MORE

Touch Up Lipo on One Love Handle...? (photo)

Hello! I am 6 weeks post op lipo on my abdomen and sides (love handles). I was in good shape before surgery and didn't need much done but I HATED my... READ MORE

6 Wks Post Lipo, & Theres a Noticable Difference in my Curvature? (photo)

I am 19, six weeks post lipo and i see a noticeable difference in my curvature, (it makes me look crooked), is this due to swelling or do I need... READ MORE

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