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I had severely aggressive full body liposuction, and do not look any different after 10 months. How is this possible? (Photo)

10 full months after having had severely aggressive full body liposuction, I do not look, feel or weigh any different than I did prior to the surgery.... READ MORE

Upper Thight Numbness 10 Months After TT, Will It Affect Lipo of Thigh?

Hello, I had a full TT with lipo of flanks last November which I very happy with. I have the usual numbness is center of stomach and my rt upper thigh... READ MORE

Discomfort 10 Months After Liposuction

I had liposuction on my abdomen about 10 months ago. It has been feeling great. However, the last few weeks, it has started to feel uncomfortable – k... READ MORE

Lumps 10 months after Liposuction. Do I Need Another Surgery?

Lipo of the abs and flanks 10 months ago. Now I have lumps on my lower left ab, the lower right and the top left next to belly button. left flank is... READ MORE

Had Liposuction 10 Months Ago on Abdominal.The Area Around my Belly Button Still Hurts at Times Why? (photo)

Well the area around my belly button looks like it was missed entirely! Circle of fat all around it! But the part that scares me is that it hurts from... READ MORE

Pain in Abdomen 10 Months After Lipo After Excercising?

40 yo male, lipo of abdomen and flanks. 3-4 months post op, no problem working out. After 1-2 month break, began working out again. While doing sit... READ MORE

Hard lump maybe scar tissue from abdomen lipo 10 months ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had lipo 10 months ago and i believe it was aggressive lipo on my stomach and sides as well as my abdomen. How do i get rid of the hard lumps on the... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Neck? Fat? Redundant Skin? (photo)

I had submental liposuction about 10 months ago. My chin itself looks OK as does my entire jawline when I am looking forward. However, if I turn my... READ MORE

10th months post abdominal liposuction and my tummy is hard, wavy and lumpy. Will it ever heal? (photos)

10 months after abdominal liposuction and this is what my tummy looks like: swollen, hard, wavy and lumpy. I don't see any evolution since the 3rd... READ MORE

Touch up stomach Lipo 10 months later with umbilical hernia. My stomach looks huge! Is this normal? (photos)

Dr noticed I had a umbilical hernia, choose not to get that fixed at the original time of lipo. Later, hernia seemed to be closing my Belly button.... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to have liposuction done on the back of the ankle - close to the achilles?

10 months ago I had liposuction done on my ankles. I am unsatisfied with the results because he did not take anything from the back of the ankle. He... READ MORE

Skin discoloration after lipo, 10 months post op. Any advice? (Photo)

Lipo 10 months ago, had an extremely interesting journey but happy to be healthy again!! With that said I have some discoloration as picture . Its... READ MORE

Is it possible to gain back all the fat in the area that was liposuction just by gaining 6 pounds?

I had a lipo 10 months ago on my entire abdomen . Waist , inner thighs and entire back.with a fat transfer to my butt. Over the holiday season and I... READ MORE

Still numb but having more lipo; will my feeling eventually come back?

I am 10 months post op from my mommy makeover and I am having more lipo in 2 months. Do you think this is a wise decision? Will my feeling eventually... READ MORE

10 Months post cankle liposuction. Why do my legs still look the same?

I had calf and ankle liposuction 10 and half months ago.. 3 weeks post op my legs looked amazing , and the shape was wonderful, but now 10 months post... READ MORE

Abdomen has lumps after lipo. Any treatments to create a smooth appearance?

I had liposuction on my torso area approximately 10 mos ago. I am fit, toned, and have less than 23 BMI; female, over 40, active, athletic. READ MORE


I had lipo done on my neck 10 months ago but still have droop in my jowl area, thinking of thread lifts but am concerned that they don't last. How... READ MORE

What should I do to resolve this situation? (Photo)

I paid to have five ares done with lipo 10 months ago. Upper/ lower abs, waist saddle bags and flanks. Healing time 6/9 months, 6 month mark I asked... READ MORE

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