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Will Stop Wearing Garment After Liposuction Ruin Results?

I had Liposuction for banana rolls 10 days ago and can no longer tolerate the girdle. If I go without it will it just prolong the eventual outcome of... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Be Having These Strange Itchy Sensations After Liposuction?

I've got my lipo 10 days ago in my back, flanks, tummy, inner and outer thigh and till my knee. What worries me is that in all the liposuction areas I... READ MORE

Visible and Hard Lump After Liposuction (photo)

I just had abdominal Liposuction 10 days ago on my lower abdomen (I had a tummy tuck about one year ago and still had this little pocket of fat) and I... READ MORE

Should Anything Be Done for a Large Hematoma After Abdominal Lipo and Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure? (photo)

9 days ago I had a mini tummy tuck and abdominal liposuction. I have been in terrible pain since day 1 with bad bruising and very swollen. I went to... READ MORE

Does 3 Liters of Fat off Body Look Like the Same Volume of 3 Liters of Liquid in a Bottle?

I had 3 L taken off my abdomen. supposedly. It looks a tiny bit smaller, but the over all size of my abdomen did not change much. I imagined 3 L of... READ MORE

Lipo in inner thigh - too much pain. I can't walk because of it. It's been 10 days. Is it normal? (Regret lipo) (Photo)

Specifically my inner thighs are swelled and I can barely walk due to the pain, it´s been over ten days since the lipo, is this normal? Including pre ... READ MORE

Lots of Bruising After Thigh Lipo - How Long Does That Last?

11 days post-op and lots of dark purple bruising- how long until that normally fades? READ MORE

Is Swelling/bruising of Ankles and Feet Normal After Extensive Inner/outer Thigh Lipo and How Soon Should It Subside? (photo)

Right after surgery 9days ago,my left leg and ankle were more swollen and bruised than the right. I noticed inside of my ankle being swollen. Today, I... READ MORE

Will Lipo Garment Seam Creasing Cause Permanent Lines?

I am 10 days post op from thigh/knee lipo,my doctor has me in a heavy duty spanx like compression garment,for my second stage garment. The inner seam... READ MORE

Will Seroma Go Away Without Surgery?

I underwent liposuction about 11 days ago... Once drainages were taken out I started to develop a seroma on one side of my abdomen... So far I've been... READ MORE

Large Area Lumps Under Skin After Liposuction? (photo)

I am 9 days out from breast augmentation, lipo in multiple areas and labiaplasty. My surgeon was very aggressive. I'll be honest and admit that I did... READ MORE

Fever After Lipo?

I had a light lipo on outer thighs and flank 10 days ago, only about 500cc. I was on antibotics and pain medication until yesterday and today I start... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Liposuction, Skin is Hard and Warm to Touch?

I had liposuction on my flanks and belly and my belly is warm and my flanks are hard and numb yet very warm and hot to touch. Skin is very itchy yet I... READ MORE

10 Days Post-op, Will the Scar Tissue Formed by Lipo Go Away?

Hello, I had a Liposuction and Breast augmentation 10 days ago. The liposuction was done thru the BA insision (areaola) to remove fat between my... READ MORE

10 Days Post Lipo Abdomen and Flanks - Rubbery Hard Area, is It Swelling? (photo)

I have read about post lipo swelling and was expecting fluidy swelling/feeling. But my abd and flank started to get progressively hard and rubbery on... READ MORE

Why Am I Healing Slowly After Liposuction?

Ten days ago, I had liposuction on my inner/outer thighs, love handles, and the full length of my stomach. I was told I could return to a desk job... READ MORE

Compression Garment too tight. I damaged my skin, can you please tell me how I can help it heal faster? (photos)

I had lipo about 10 days ago. I put on the second faja at 1 week. It felt tight but I thought as long as I could tolerate it, it would be fine. Well... READ MORE

Red Rings/Hive Around Lipo Incisions? (photo)

I am 10 days post op Thigh Lipo. Doctor did not prescribe antibiotic. I am not taking ANY medication, not even pain medication. Doc gave me... READ MORE

Liposuction with NO Results, Was 1500cc Enough?

I am a classic pear & had lipo (hips, thighs, & knees) done 10 days ago. I was told 1500cc was removed. I don't see any results &... READ MORE

10 days post liposuction of abdomen and flanks, no change. Is this right?

I am 10 days post op and although I see a huge improvement of the flanks, my abdomen sees no change at all. The area is not hard, still soft and... READ MORE

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