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Treatment and Doctor to See for Lump Under Lipoma Removal Scar?

I had a small but painful lipoma on my inside thigh removed 3 months ago. The pain is still the same as before the removal. Pain comes and goes but is... READ MORE

Seroma/scar Tissue/pseudobursa After Lipoma Removal. What To Do?

My PS went in a 26 yr old gall bladder scar to flatten it out which left a hard lipoma. He recently went back in the same scar to cut out lipoma and... READ MORE

Forehead soft tissue nodule not lipoma? (Photo)

I've had this lump on my forehead for about 10 years. I believe it was trauma induced. I consulted with my PCP who did a CT scan and stated it was a... READ MORE

Is there any Doctor that can help me with endoscopic removal of osteoma, lipoma or scar tissue in my forehead?

I am so tired of looking for doctors in Spain, I didnt find anyone who do this yet. I hit my forehead 3 months ago and I have something caught between... READ MORE

Can scar tissue after repeat lipoma removal in same area cause future problems?

I keep getting lipomas in same area, shoulder blade. There is now a small one that is growing fast that I am hoping will be a minor surgery compared... READ MORE

What are the risks doing Lipoma removal for the fourth time?

This is the fourth time. This time it is not the same one, but a little off to the side of shoulder blade. My primary dr warned me of going in too... READ MORE

Would (could) you remove a 2-inch-wide occipital lipoma?

It's covered by hair but if I shaved my head, my lipoma would look a bit like this (only larger): One surgeon said it's very delicate to excise... READ MORE

I need suggested treatment for Severe Pain following Giant EpiSacral Lipomata Removal?

Hello, I had 2 large (7 x 7 x 4) and (6 x 7 x 4) Episacral Lipomas removed from my sacrum. The surgeon cut down to the vertibral fascia. I do not... READ MORE

I gained 10kg after i got my lipoma removed from my upper inner thigh - scar tissue concern.

Can the weightgain put pressure on the scar tissue? Because after the weight gain i noticed that when my thigh moves and giggles it would feel very... READ MORE

Torn Thigh Muscle That Healed As Scar Tissue and Looks Like Gold Ball Under Skin?

Hi,I tore/ruptured my thigh muscle while playing football about 10 years ago after i did it i just rested my leg as i didn't know the serious of... READ MORE

After massaging and applying warm wrap post op lipoma lump becomes soft and sore. Hematoma or scar tissue? (photo)

For the last week I have been massaging amd applying warm wrap to hard lump that appeared post op on forehead... when I do this the lump becomes soft... READ MORE

I Had a Lipoma Removed from the Bottom of my Spine and Feel That Scar Tissue Has Fallen on

Removed a lipoma on my back and my physio is telling me that there is scar tissue on my l5 nerve,is it possible and what can i do to remove it READ MORE

What can be done with large knots? Lumps removed once, came back 6 months post TT. He shot them with steroids .

Surgeon removed 7 large lipomas he said he also told me it was allergic to the sutures they came back one week after he redid them He didnt have any... READ MORE

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