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The Fluid After Lipoma Removal Has Turned Very Hard and Produce Sharp Pains Sometimes, Normal?

I had a lipoma removed a month ago. The area around the incision was left swollen far beyond normal, according to some, but the doctors chose not to... READ MORE

Can I pull out my dissolvable stitch that is hanging out of my skin? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed 4 weeks ago and have since healed. I saw what I thought was dry skin on the incision and pulled it. It was a dissolve able... READ MORE

One month after axillary lipoma removal from armpit - should I still see this much fluid drainage? (Photo)

I had 2 lipomas removed from my armpits 1 month ago. Drain came out on day 7 with less than 15 cc of fluid. The incision has left me with a flap and... READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Become Pregnant Before Seroma Has Fully Resolved?

I had a fairly large (10cm x 10cm) non-encapsulated lipoma removed from the back of my thigh about a month ago. Surgeon advised it had grown a little... READ MORE

Is this normal? What should I do? (Photo)

I am over five weeks post surgical since having my Lipoma removed. My Lipoma was 21.59 cm in height and weighed over one pound. I am SEVERE pain... READ MORE

Pain under lipoma incision site. Should I be concerned?

I had 6 lipoma removes 5 weeks ago. 1 from left thigh. Tonight I felt a pop in the muscle under incision sight and now I am experiencing a pain in my... READ MORE

I had right armpit lipoma surgery 1 month ago. It hurts raising my arm, I'm unable to extend it fully. Do I need a revision?

It's a huge lump of 13 cm, All scars are healing beautifully but it hurts raising my arm. I can feel the tightness of a certain strand of muscle... READ MORE

How fast can lipomas return? I had one excised on May 31st. I feel a lump where it was remove already.

I had a lipoma excision on May 31st. I feel a lump where it was removed already and it's uncomfortable. Could it have grown back this rapidly? READ MORE

Still the same sharp pain after removing Lipoma between os ilium and gluteus minimus 1 month ago, advice? (photo)

My symptoms are a deep sharp pain mostly while sitting, standing on one leg and lying on it. It's the 3rd attempt after 2 not completely removed... READ MORE

How long should I hurt after surgery when lipoma was taken out?

I had a large grapefruit size lipoma on my shoulder. Had removed but arm and hand still hurts . Can't do but about 10 mins of work before having to... READ MORE

Heat Compress Causing More Swelling After Removal of a Sebarceous Cyst?

I had a procedure done to remove a sebaceous cyst above my left eyebrow, after the surgery a hematoma formed and after about 4 weeks of treatment it... READ MORE

I had my Lipoma removed above my left eyebrow a month ago and now its swelling. Is this normal?

I'm 36 and had the Lipoma my entire life. During the removal the lipoma burst. Doctor feels the fat must have liquified at one time. He stitched... READ MORE

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