The Fluid After Lipoma Removal Has Turned Very Hard and Produce Sharp Pains Sometimes, Normal?

I had a lipoma removed a month ago. The area around the incision was left swollen far beyond normal, according to some, but the doctors chose not to drain the fluid. Now, after 5 weeks the area suddenly turned very hard(before it was soft) and reddish/black in color. The surgeon who did the operation keeps telling me this is normal filling up of the cavity left behind. However, my primary doctor said it seems like a blood clot brought on by bleeding in the area. Recently, I have had afew sharp p

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Painful fluid collection after lipoma

What your describing seems like a hematoma.  A hematoma usually starts out as a fluid collection and then hardens over time.  Given more time, the hematoma is automatically broken down by your body.  The hematoma should resolve on its own, however he should follow closely with her plastic surgeon to ensure that you do not get infected.

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Fluid collection after lipoma removal

it sounds like you had a hematoma form after lipoma removal.  After drainage of a boil, removal of a cyst or lipoma a cavity remains called a dead space.  Blood and body fluids can collect in dead spaces cause pain and infection.  It sounds like you need to back to your surgeon and either have the area punctured and drained with a needle or perhaps even opened up and debrided if the material is solid.

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Lipoma removal

I remove a lot of lipomas and if there is fluid build up it is clear seroma type fluid and not dark in nature so it sounds like you have blood build up around the incision site. From your explanations it appears you had a hematoma or bleeding around the removal sight that has now hardened and clotted. It may soften and then require needle aspiration or possible reincision. I would go in for a second opinion. Best regards!

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This is probably a blood collection that clotted in the cavity, that is why it is hard, gradualy the blood will become softer and can be aspirated.

The other possibility is to reopen the wound, clean the blood and close with a drain or quilting sutures

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