Scar Tissue + Lip Surgery

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Would 2nd reconstructive surgery help lower lip? Are implants/fillers options due to scar tissue from mucocele removal? (Photo)

I had a large mucocele removed from my lower lip about 4.5 years ago, that required reconstructive surgery. I was so insecure at the time when this... READ MORE

Vermillion border repair? (Photo)

Hi, My vermillion border is jagged and misaligned due to previous injury and surgery. My top lip has been distorted for the past 15 years and I am... READ MORE

After Laser Surgery: when Can I Expect to See the Final Result?

I got a 2 cm gash on the inside of my upper lip from a biking accident 1 ½ month ago. It wasn't found necessary to sew. A week later the lip had ... READ MORE

How do I smooth out this bump after in-office mucocele removal procedure? (photos)

Had a mucocele removed and oral surgeon said a bump of scar tissue will form but can be massaged flat and will be unable to tell was there. How can I... READ MORE

About half of my upper lip was removed after a recent dog bite. Can it be fully restored? (Photo)

My main concern is the lack of symmetry in my smile, especially visible from the side angle of my face. I'm also very concerned about the stretching... READ MORE

Swelling from lip procedure. What options do I have? (photos)

I had surgery on my lip to supposedly to remove a bump caused by scar tissue from a childhood incident. I have been left with a much larger knot plus... READ MORE

I was wondering what surgery I need and how much it would cost? (Photo)

The upper left part of my lip has hard scar tissue that bulks out and makes my lip look weird. I was punched in the lip and got 3 stitches on my lip.... READ MORE

Could lip reconstruction help me? I want my old lips back. Even sounds are impossible. Could I have normal lips? (Photo)

I've got scar tissue around lip liner from my lips surgery... was worst doctor ever who did this to me.. it left scar tissue.. feel stretch, weird... READ MORE

Is possible to get the lump of scar tissue in the middle/side of my lip removed? (Photo)

I had an accident a few years ago, resulting in my teeth and lip being destroyed. I had several stitches through my lip but it has left it looking... READ MORE

What kind of lip reconstructive surgery would I need and what would the cost be? (photos)

A couple of years ago I got bit by a dog and had reconstructive surgery to fix it, I was told I would need another surgery but never actually did it,... READ MORE

I had VY lip surgery two times to make My upper lip bigger, but now my lip dosent look good at all. (photo)

I have a lot of SCAR tissue under My upper lip, pulling it inwards. ( strings) like 4 of them. I also had a lip lift without any luck. The same dr... READ MORE

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