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Lip Lift Thin Upper Lip

Hi. I have a very long space between my nose and upper lip, but my upper lip itself is fairly thin. If I just have a bullhorn lip lift, won't that... READ MORE

Recent Upper Vermilion Lip Shortening? (photo)

7 weeks ago, I had a upper lip vermilion enhancement. It looks just terrible. My PS also did a v-y at the cupid's bow without discussing it with me... READ MORE

Would you recommend a subnasal upper lip lift? (Photo)

This is my face with my jaw is slightly slack. My main objective is to improve the shape and slightly increase the size of my upper vermilion lip. As... READ MORE

What Are These Bumps on Lips After Advanced Vermillion? (photo)

Dear Dr. Mayer, Thank you for answering my question about cortisone injections on my lips because of bumps left from my vermillion lip advancement. I... READ MORE

I have always had prominent curvature of the vermilion, can a lip lift remedy this?

My upper lip has always reminded me of a birds beak....i would love for it to be a bit flatter. and would a lip lift change the shape of my nose at... READ MORE

Can a lip lift leave tooth show as is while increasing vermilion & decreasing length of skin between nose and upper lip? (Photo)

I have a very long upper lip (about 1.7mm) while also having adequate tooth show. I think I would benefit from a bit of enhanced vermilion. Is it... READ MORE

What can be done to correct corner lip lift revision and depressed scar? (photos)

I had a small corner lip lift several months ago, followed by a revision about 7 weeks ago. At this point, I have a slight depressed scar on the left... READ MORE

Can a lip lift help for more teeth showing when smiling/opening the mouth + for a lifted pout? If not are there other solutions?

I have a very forced and unnatural smile. My teeth don't show when I open my mouth and hardly at all when I smile. I've had fillers done to augment my... READ MORE

Muscle Hemming Lip Lift Vermillion Complication, what can I do?

Hello, I had a muscle hemming Lip Lift and now the vermilion pink part of my lips which used to be bright reddish pink are now almost the color of the... READ MORE

Lateral lip lift to increase vermillion visible at corners of upper lip - what do you think of this procedure?

My vermillion disappears somewhat before the corner of my lips (upper lip only). I do not need a full upper lip lift (already had one and very happy... READ MORE

My philtrum is 18 mm long, would there be a non-surgical alternative to a lip lift? (photos)

I read on RS that some possible alternatives would be ultherapy or placing filler along the vermillion border to heighten the red portion of the lip.... READ MORE

Lip Lift or Vermillion Advancement?

I have a terrible 4mm scar (mainly consisting of a skin graft that really doesnt match) above my vermillion border, taking up 1/4 of my top lip. I am... READ MORE

I had a lip flip in the 90s and have scarring and uneven shaped lips on the vermillion border. How can I repair the scarring?

I have had many laser treatments but this does not fix the uneven shape and my lips are quite flat and discoloured. READ MORE

Is a Lip Lift Limited to Only People with Thin Lips?

Also, is there a limit as to how much skin can be removed to increase the vermilion show? Can it be performed on people with already full lips that... READ MORE

Is it possible to only get a corner lift for the lip area?

I do not have issues with mid-lift of my lip, although not perfect. I only want the sides of the lips taken up a bit and the corner-lift is what I am... READ MORE

Can one get a bullhorn upper lip lift and lower vermilion advancement at the same time?

How limited by the softer/inner lip tissue being over-exposed are these advancements? Is it better to be put under anesthesia or stay awake? I've... READ MORE

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