Thin Lips + Lip Lift

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Injections Above Upper Lip (Philtrum)

I went to a plastic surgeon because my upper lip is very thin! He told me my case is difficult for various reasons and that my philtrum is a bit long... READ MORE

What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Lip Lift?

I've had a long philtrum since I can remember (I'm 31 now). My lips are also very thin & oddly shaped. The middle of my top lip comes down... READ MORE

Lip Lift Thin Upper Lip

Hi. I have a very long space between my nose and upper lip, but my upper lip itself is fairly thin. If I just have a bullhorn lip lift, won't that... READ MORE

My teeth don't show when talking and barely show when I smile. Is lip lift a good solution?

I dont have thin upper lip and my philtrum is not that long but i wonder why my teeth dont show when i talk and it hardly show when i smile. Is... READ MORE

Many questions about Lip Lifts? Upper and corner? And should the muscle be touched or not? (photo)

I have naturally VERY thin lips, especially my upper lip. I had a Permalip 5mm implant placed in my upper lip. The ratio of my upper lip to my lower... READ MORE

Can a lip lift be performed this way? (Photo)

I have a longer distance between my nose and my upper lip which I dislike. I'm considering a lip lift, however I'd rather not change the shape of my... READ MORE

Which lift would add both fullness to my upper lip and to the sagging corners as well? (photo)

I don't like the sagging frown lines. Nor do I like the comparatively thinner top lift. I will probably leave the permalip implants so hopefully it's... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a lip lift and rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have had thin lips all my life & dont feel confident about my lips. I have done some research on lip lifts & think that is my best option. Also I've... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift? (Photo)

I've always hated my thin upper lip and am looking for a permanent augmentation. As you can see I've taken photos of my natural lip and photos where I... READ MORE

My upper lip is very thin. A dr.suggested a mucosal lip advancement first, then make a lip lift to get a good look. (Photo)

I am 33 yrs. The cosmetic surgeon told me if I make a lip lift only it will be unusual . Is that right?why? I want to get youthful look ,and to show... READ MORE

Will a certain procedure help to show my upper teeth when smiling? (photos)

Am I a good candidate for an upper lip lift? I find that when I smile, my upper lip hangs in front of my teeth making it look weird. Is this because... READ MORE

Lip lift? Fillers? Botox? DAO release? (Photo)

Hey all, I have a really long philtrum and a thin, droopy upper lip. Obviously I will consult in person with someone qualified but of course I'm... READ MORE

Could I be a good candidate for a lip lift and fat transfer (to my lips)? (Photos)

I hate how thin they are and I really think there might be something wrong with them or my jaw? When my teeth are closed, my bottom jaw is being... READ MORE

I wish to do a Lip lift how much skin in your opinion should be removed for me to see a nice big change? (photos)

Dear doctors i want to do a lip lift i ,im from america but i will fly were ever to do it, i want to see a big change in my lips as the distance from... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure That Can Lift my Upper Lip? (photo)

I have had Juvaderm injections into my upper lip earlier in the year because my upper lip is thin and has a strange Cupid's bow, my dermatologist said... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip lift? (Photo)

The space between my nose and my upper lip is too long, as well as my upper lip is quite thin, especially when I smile. I like that lip lifts can... READ MORE

Is a Lip Lift Limited to Only People with Thin Lips?

Also, is there a limit as to how much skin can be removed to increase the vermilion show? Can it be performed on people with already full lips that... READ MORE

How to lift/correct corners of mouth, the drooping fat and muscle around mouth. Also sagging upper eyelids? (photos)

Age 31. The skin, fat and muscle have migrated down and are pulling the corners of my lips and changing their shape. They look much thinner and... READ MORE

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