What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My chin & the space between nose and lips are both too long, whereas my lips are quite thin (I have juviderm fillers, but I'm not happy with the result and want something long-lasting). My teeth are already showing when my lips are parted, and when I smile my upper lip has a tendency to jump up too much (I get Botox periodically to prevent it). Should I consider bull horn lift? Lower lip lift? Corner lift? Buccal fat removal?..

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You do not need a lip lift! Your appearance would not be improved by a lip lift!

If your full-appearing lips are that way because of HA fillers, then perhaps you would benefit from dermal grafting permanent lip enhancement, but IMHO, you should stop over drawing your lip color--this does not make your lips look larger, it makes your lips look, well, goofy. Your no-makeup photos show nicely full and pretty lips with normal teeth "show."

Your face is slim, your lips full--so absolutely no buccal fat pad removal. You would come to eventually regret this ill-advised operation. Likewise, any kind of lip lift, corner lift, and especially bullhorn lift (I like this operation for the right patient, but you are NOT that patient--you already have tooth show at rest and smiling) is definitely NOT recommended.

If you want more soft, natural, and sensate permanent lip enlargement, consider intra-lip dermal grafts, which would be harvested from an existing scar if you have one, or just above the pubic hair if you are willing to accept a donor site scar. But the results are excellent and permanent (and can be repeated if more enhancement is desired; too-large grafts will not survive), with soft feel and normal sensation (no lumps or hard nodules). Please click on the web reference link below for a couple of my own patient examples who had this procedure, and also check out case 1 for one of my patients who had lip enlargement and laser resurfacing. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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