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Recovery Time for Bullhorn Lip Lift?

What is the recovery time for bull horn Lip Lift? How soon after can I look socially representable and go in public with out looking swollen? READ MORE

When Will the Swelling Go Down from Having a Bullhorn Lip Lift?

I look like a horse, it has only been 2 days, but I iced my lip for most of the 2 days. I am very self conscious of the way my lip looks...is this... READ MORE

I Just Got a Lip Lift/Corner Lift (Just Affected Skin, Not Muscle), How Long Until Swelling Goes Down? (Photo)

How long before the swelling goes down? Why do the corners of my mouth appear even more downturned than before the surgery? Will the swelling go down... READ MORE

Bullhorn Lip Lift Results - How Long Until You See Them?

I had a bullhorn lip lift and minor touch-up rhinoplasty done about 6 weeks ago. I didn't see if there was any difference after surgery before the... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling After Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bulhorn lip lift - I had mine 3 days ago. Is uneven swelling (nostrils) common? I know it's too early to look in the mirror, but my nose and the area... READ MORE

Jowl swelling remaining 6.5 months after lip lift? (Photo)

Hello, I had a bullhorn lip lift in early June 2014, so it's been almost 7 months. Since that time, I've noticed that the bottom half of my face looks... READ MORE

My philtrum is too long. Is the subnasal lip lift the ideal procedure? (Photo)

1. How long does it take for swelling from a subnasal lip lift to subside? 2. Is it possible to get sutures that dissolve into the skin as opposed to... READ MORE

How much upper tooth show to expect after swelling goes down? (Photo)

I had a lip lift on 4/7/2015 and got out very swollen, especially on day 3. Curious to learn whether there will be more or less upper tooth show once... READ MORE

What to expect for swelling after lip lift recovery? (photo)

I had surgery for a liplift with muscle hemming technique, (to fix scars from a long-time ago accident). 1. What is your own experience for swelling... READ MORE

Unhappy with lip lift done 1 week ago - how much more improvement can realistically be expected if swelling is way down. (photo)

Issues: #1. Lip shape dramatically altered to triangle shape!! 2. Some asymmetry 3. Can't shut mouth without straining. 4. nose looks v deformed. I... READ MORE

Corticosteroid injection for post-op swelling?

Hello, I had a lip lift done 7 months ago. It was done internally, with no incision outside. All this time I've had swelling, numbness, and pain... READ MORE

Can my desired result be achieved with fillers? (photos)

I'm about 3.5 wks post op on a lip lift, which accentuated the sharp slope of my upper lip. I'm assuming that this is the final result even though I... READ MORE

Bullhorn Lip Lift Swelling

I had a bullhorn lip lift 10 days ago & now my face now looks a little pig or fish like (the nostrils look bigger and my nose looks bigger). Is... READ MORE

Can I Expedite REDUCTION of Swelling 4 Wks Post Op to Nostrils from Upper Lip Lift Procedure Involving Muscle Hemming? (photo)

My upper lip lift looks amazing, and surgery was 4 wks ago, but my nostrils and the cartilage that separates the nostrils on the outside and the... READ MORE

Lip Lift Swelling

I had a lip lift procedure performed a week and a half ago. I can now see more inside my nostril which im not happy with and the bridge looks thicker.... READ MORE

Is this swelling or is it the actual outcome? Will I be able to smile again? Will my upper lip decrease in size? (Photo)

I had a lip lift about two days ago and my upper lip looks massive. I am freaking out because I don't really understand if it's swelling, or if that's... READ MORE

Dr Haworth lip lift and corner lip lift, very swollen. (photo)

I have had a lip lift with Dr Randal Haworth 5 weeks ago. I love my lips but I hate the swelling in my nose and in the area between my lips and nose.... READ MORE

Minimal tooth show after lip lift - unhappy (photo)

I just had a lip lift in Canada. I stressed I wanted maximum tooth show in the consult, and in his office (it was under local anaesthesia). He just... READ MORE

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